Cody Rhodes' Purgatory and the 5 Questions That Need to Be Answered on Raw

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 1, 2013

Is there any WWE Superstar who is being misused more than Cody Rhodes?

Has the company forgotten about what a talent it has in the second-generation wrestler. Last week, Rhodes proved what he can do in the ring in his match against Chris Jericho.

For me, seeing Rhodes as a wasted talent is a pure shame. The former holder of the intercontinental title is nothing more than a jobber who needs a greater role in the company.

Daddy, Dusty Rhodes, must be chewing his cowboy hat at the way the wrestling business has done his boy wrong. And maybe it is putting a smile on Dustin Rhodes’ face how his baby brother is getting treated.

If Rhodes is to “break out” and show his brilliance, Money in the Bank is the place to begin. As the tag team partner of Damien Sandow and the man who has looked great in the ring recently with The Miz, Jericho and Sheamus, I for one want to see him win the briefcase and have a shot at the world title.

The MITB match presents many different scenarios for Rhodes. What happens if he and Sandow are the final two men in the match? Does Rhodes win and turn face? Does this end the “marriage” of Team Rhodes Scholars? And if Rhodes gets the push and the win, does it ensure Alberto Del Rio will beat Dolph Ziggler? Either of the two would be an awesome test for the younger Rhodes.

Those are just some questions that have been left unanswered. Here are more that we hope are answered on Monday Night Raw.


Do we have to listen to John Cena again this week?

Of course we do. While it is more entertaining to hear Mark Henry, the WWE wouldn’t allow itself to go a week without hearing from its favorite mouthpiece. Henry has us believing he can beat Cena, and it would be great to see the World’s Strongest Man take him down and then face Daniel Bryan. But we all know Cena will win at Money in the Bank.


Did we see Daniel Bryan turn on Kane Friday night?

Yes, I think we all got a swerve of our own, seeing Daniel Bryan “help” Kane lose to Randy Orton on Friday night. While he was only trying to “help” his good friend Kane, he smirked when he realized he cost the Big Red Machine the match. It was something we all wanted to see. And this also makes MITB that much more interesting.


How quickly will CM Punk and Curtis Axel come to blows?

Or how quickly will Axel and Brock Lesnar attack with the sinister Paul Heyman laughing in the background. I swear he is Bobby Heenan all over again.

I see the two tag team "partners" trading blows after something or someone (Heyman) pisses off Punk. Lesnar will then hit the ring.

You all know what happens next.


Can The Usos beat The Shield?

I saw a few things happen on Friday night. First, The Usos in their tribal war paint reminded me of three words—SAMOAN SWAT TEAM. Seeing them in the ring, as my good friend Seth Guttenplan has pointed out, with their relative Roman Reigns could make that happen in the future.

Also, I saw some anger when Seth Rollins gave Dean Ambrose some heat for losing the match against The Usos and Christian. Does this mean greed will be a chink in the “Hounds of Justice’s” armor?


Are Jerry Lawler’s days numbered? reports that Tazz's contract with TNA is coming to an end. Does he return to the WWE and, in doing so, unseat Lawler at the announcers’ table? If so, it is a solid move by the company.

Does Tazz join Michael Cole and JBL (one hell of a trio) and give the WWE a truly meaningful back-and-forth of analysis.

Also, does it mean Tazz is linked to someone like a Paul Heyman, and what does that do for Lawyer, who has not been the same since coming back from his heart attack?