The Shield Needs Viable Opponents to Remain Relevant

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2013

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The Shield needs viable opponents to remain relevant in WWE.

This faction rose to the occasion since the trio's debut at last year’s Survivor Series. Dean Ambrose became the United States Champion, while Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns became the tag team champions. All three won their titles at Extreme Rules.

Now, they need legitimate enemies to stay relevant.

It makes sense for them, even though it’s a difficult task to find meaningful opponents. This is the same team that defeated World Champions in six-man tag matches.

The Shield did have viable opponents at Payback. Ambrose successfully defended his title against Kane, while Rollins and Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

These were great tests for this group because of one reason: history. The Shield established its feud with Kane and Bryan at 2012’s TLC. It also has history with Orton that led to a six-man tag match at WrestleMania 29.

It’s time for The Shield to make new enemies, feuds and storylines. Frankly, it will be the only way to keep it relevant, and WWE has no excuse for not building any rivalries.

The company seems to be doing so with the tag team champions. Reigns and Rollins will defend their titles against The Usos. Even though it’s been a while since The Usos were worthy of a title shot, they can be again if their match with The Shield holds up.

As far as Ambrose is concerned, he needs an opponent who’ll raise his stock on the main roster.

It seems Christian makes the best sense at the moment. According to The Wrestling Observer (via Wrestlezone), the latest rumored plans call for Christian to face Ambrose for the U.S. title.

That makes the most sense, considering Christian can bring out the best in a midcard wrestler. Plus, Ambrose’s wrestling ability hasn’t been shown as much. Both men have a really good chance at making an impression in WWE if they wrestle each other at SummerSlam.

The Shield needs viable opponents to remain relevant. It needs the feuds and angles to keep its momentum that it's had since November. So far, The Shield is headed in the right direction.