Antonio Cesaro Will Excel with Zeb Colter in the WWE

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2013

Photo Credit: Anton jackson,
Photo Credit: Anton jackson,

Antonio Cesaro will excel with Zeb Colter in the WWE.

The former United States champion has floundered since losing his title. He went from being a champion to yodeling. Seriously, he yodeled.

That was, until Colter decided to expand his alliance. Jack Swagger was out due to a severed tendon in his right thumb. Colter still had much to say about what his version of America should be.

Enter Antonio Cesaro, who, in my opinion, is better than Swagger. The difference here is Swagger needs Colter for promo work. Cesaro does as well, but he shows signs of improvement.

Cesaro is also stronger than Swagger. He’s able to pick up any wrestler with ease and slam them to the mat. Not to mention he can also sell moves better from any type of wrestler. Cesaro is the type of wrestler who can make battling the giant Great Khali and luchador Sin Cara interesting, and those are truly tough tasks.

However, Cesaro has one up on Swagger with Colter.

During the lead-up to WrestleMania 29, Colter and Swagger drew controversy after being picked on by Glenn Beck. It ended in a debacle because the WWE challenged Beck to a debate, which Beck declined.

Cesaro’s triumph is better than Swagger’s because of the hypocrisy of Colter’s beliefs. When Cesaro fought William Regal, Michael Cole and JBL argued on Colter’s choice for his new ally. Even The Daily Show picked up on the angle and ran with it, as fill-in host John Oliver and Mick Foley challenged Colter to a debate on the air. 

The war continued on Twitter amongst Cesaro, Colter, Cole and JBL. Although nothing has been done yet, it shows Colter’s staying power in this current state of affairs. That’s what Cesaro needs right now: exposure among the WWE fans.

Antonio Cesaro will excel with Zeb Colter. He’s better suited than Swagger and can go further with Colter than Swagger ever could.  Wrestling fans can expect to see Cesaro and Colter make an impact in the later half of 2013.