Twitter Reaction to Bray Wyatt's Impending Debut on WWE Raw

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

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One of the highlights of Monday's WWE Raw was the official announcement that the Wyatt Family will debut next week, and Twitter hummed with anticipation.

Fans have seen Bray Wyatt and his followers by way of creepy vignettes for weeks. Wyatt has since told us of secrets and monsters, of riddles and puppets. He said that nothing could hurt him and, of most interest to WWE fans, that he and his crew were coming.

That impending arrival is now just a week away.

Neck hair is about to stand up. Goosebumps are about to form along our skin.

Wyatt's tweet before WWE Raw stirred up speculation about when the family would debut.

Michael Cole then announced on the air that the eater of worlds would make his way to the WWE next week in Baltimore. Fans had a variety of reactions, but mostly ones that showed how well WWE has created buzz for this group.

For the fans who had seen Wyatt's dark poetry and unsettling ramblings on NXT, selling his rise to the main roster was a non-issue. For everyone else, each Wyatt Family vignette has allowed fans a step further into Wyatt's sinister world. It has worked.

Upon hearing that Wyatt's arrival had been given a date, some fans tweeted their excitement. The amount of exclamation points in Dean Muhtadi's reaction was not uncommon.

The people behind the Twitter account for Pro Wrestling Illustrated went so far as to get Leonard Cohen-style joyous.

As much as excitement is brewing for the Wyatts' arrival, there’s also a cloud of darkness that promises to follow them. In the tradition of Mankind, The Great Kabuki and Abdullah the Butcher, the Wyatt Family is going to make fear fun.

One fan is already losing sleep thanks to them.

Who knows how successful Wyatt and company will be, but they certainly seem to have a growing fanbase already. How many folks are the subjects of fan art before they even debut? How many NXT prospects are already big in Indonesia?

Check out this fan-made rendition of the Wyatt Family.

Fandango is the perfect example of the power of having WWE officials behind you. From his elaborate entrance to defeating Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29, Fandango has been the beneficiary of people in charge believing in him.

WWE seems to believe in The Shield, in Curtis Axel and the Wyatt Family as well.

It's not often that WWE Raw goes off the air with a vignette and the fact that Monday's episode's last image was of an empty rocking chair with Wyatt's music playing shows that the company must be truly behind them.

The Wyatt Family are going to make a major impact right away. Bray Wyatt is such a compelling character and one that he's embraced and nailed that fans are sure to pay attention. With the right storyline, the WWE Universe could be left shivering in the Wyatt Family's wake.

They're coming. They're almost here.