Ex-MTV Star Allegedly Played Sexy Dice Game with Michael Jordan

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

Image via freezunehdwallpapers.com / zimbio.com
Image via freezunehdwallpapers.com / zimbio.com

Because the month never officially starts until someone clambers out of the woodwork claiming they’ve had a sexually charged encounter with Michael Jordan.

Like clockwork, July has begun, and with its beginning comes a claim from former MTV video jockey Lisa Kennedy alleging that His Airness tried to gamble for her virginity in 1995, according to TMZ.

Kennedy writes about the occurrence in her new book, and while her allegations should be taken with a rock slide of salt, it makes for an interesting read.

According to Kennedy’s book, she and the Bulls superstar were dining with Russell Simmons at a bar in New York City when Jordan decided he wanted to play a game.

Dice were rolled out, the clickety-clack began and, after a while, Jordan said it was “time to play for something,” according to Kennedy. See where this is going?

Jordan went on to explain his proposition, saying that if he won, Kennedy would “come back to [his] hotel” with him.

Kennedy claims she was terrified of the situation, as she had never—ahem—been with a man before. The language Kennedy uses to describe her fear of a steamy encounter with Jordan prevents me from being more specific, but I can say the terms “eviscerate” and “sea bass” were used. 

After some consideration, Kennedy said she would prefer to have Knicks tickets instead, and Jordan told her he had a wife. Again, these are all Kennedy’s claims, who ends the section on her Jordan encounter by saying she won the dice game and New Jersey Nets tickets. 

So, there it isanother month, another Jordan claim out of the blue followed by the sound of books flying off the shelf. Memoir writers need Jordan like skateboarders need ramps.

How else are they supposed to launch?