Dwight Howard Being Offered TV Show to Stay with Lakers?

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

Graphic via Bleacher Report
Graphic via Bleacher Report

Who's tired of the never-ending Dwight Howard sweepstakes? If the nearly two-year-long will-he, won't-he game has you weary at the mere sight of the star NBA big man, there's little relief in sight, because he may very well get his own TV show.

ESPN Los Angeles (h/t Variety) reports on the start of Dwight Howard's free agency, which most of us see as Dwightpocalypse 2013, but also resembles something like Christmas in July for Howard. 

The 27-year-old must feel like the prettiest belle at the ball, because he is getting the full-court press from at least five teams. As for the Lakers' pitch, it reportedly includes a TV show on Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

The delegation will also include executive vice president of player personnel Jim Buss and representatives from Time Warner Cable. The Lakers signed a record television contract that could be worth $5 billion over 25 years with the cable giant in 2012.

The NBA does not have a problem with Lakers broadcast partner Time Warner Cable SportsNet being part of the pitch for Howard, according to a league source. If TWC was to offer further compensation, that would be a violation of league rules. However, simply being present for the sitdown is in no way a breach of league etiquette.

Now that report doesn't exactly state a direct exchange: If Howard signs with the Lakers, he is assured his very own TV show. Surely that's the implication, though.

It sounds like such a stated deal might traipse into a gray area the league might have an issue with, but Variety as well as Awful Announcing are confident the big man is being wooed by the allure that is television.

That same Awful Announcing report claims CSN Houston might make a similar pitch, giving Howard two more offers than most struggling actors.

ESPN LA's Arash Markazi seems to think that everybody wins with a Hollywood coup that keeps the center in purple and gold.

Let me pause for just a second to get my bearings.

Howard wants a TV show to make him happy. Networks like TWC SportsNet want programming to fill airtime, and teams just want to satisfy Howard (a feat yet to be fully accomplished).

Quick question: Who is going to watch?

It's clear Lakers fans want Howard to stay in Los Angeles, but it's even more obvious that a great many are over the hype and hoopla featured in the current courting session: I have seen actual eyes roll the second he is mentioned at grocery stores and figurative fumes when he is brought up around friends.

Either way, it seems we are about to experience an over-saturation of all things Howard, so set your DVRs accordingly.

It's funny—LeBron James was given such a hard time over a TV special announcing his decision. Now we have a star allegedly getting presented with an actual show all his own.

Take a jaunt down the slippery slope, and we will soon have movie deals thrown in with max contract offers.

Oh, what a weird and wonderful world that will be.


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