TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: A New Mafia Member, Austin Aries, BFGS and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 4, 2013

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As Thursday hits, TNA Wrestling presents another new episode of Impact Wrestling!

From Las Vegas, the company looks to keep the momentum going strong as the summer continues. For this week’s episode, TNA has confirmed updates on Sting’s new Main Event Mafia and the big X Division swerve. Also, at least two matches will be presented in the Bound for Glory Series, while the Gut Check evaluation will be taking place as well.

Let’s see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week!


Gut Check: Which Wrestler Will Get Chosen for Evaluation?

Gut Check returned last week when two independent wrestlers went one-on-one to try to impress judges Al Snow, Danny David and Bruce Prichard.

The match saw Adam “The Big O” Ohriner and Ryan Howe face off in a singles match. The Big O not only took out Howe, but dominated the majority of the match and may not have left much for the judges to evaluate in terms of Howe.

Since the format change, Gut Check has seen six other wrestlers compete for a contract. So far Jay Bradley, who is in the Bound for Glory Series, and Lei’D Tapa have gained contracts with TNA. The last tryout saw both Adam Pearce and Magno get denied, though.

Will it be The Big O or Howe who gets the final evaluation? Will the one chosen get a contract, or could they end up with nothing?


The Bound for Glory Series: Two Matches Set to Happen

The 2013 Bound for Glory Series is in full swing, and it continues this week on Impact Wrestling!

Two weeks ago, the series officially got underway with an unlikely wrestler gaining the top spot. Magnus gained 10 points to take the No. 1 spot, and he remained on top last week with another victory.

Also last week, TNA began holding BFGS matches at house shows. At an event in Iowa, Magnus defeated Hernandez to get seven more points, and the following day in Missouri, Samoa Joe got seven more points himself with a victory over Kazarian.

Here are the standings of the BFGS as of this writing:

  • Magnus: 24 points
  • Samoa Joe: 19 points
  • Chris Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson: seven points each
  • AJ Styles: two points
  • Kazarian, Joseph Park, Hernandez, Jay Bradley and Bobby Roode: zero points each

This week on Impact Wrestling, Magnus’ lead is safe, but two more wrestlers will get the chance to add to their total while two others will look to get on the board for the first time. The show’s BFGS matches will see Hardy take on Joe Park and Styles faceoff with Kazarian.

Who will gain the all-important points? Can Hardy and Styles move up the rankings, or will it be Park and Kazarian who finally rank?


Option C: What Will Hulk Hogan Do About Austin Aries’ Win Last Week?

Last year, Austin Aries became fed up with the lack of competition in the X Division. As a result, general manager Hulk Hogan made him a deal.

At the Destination X pay-per-view, Aries could have a shot at then-World champion Bobby Roode, but would have to forfeit the X Division Championship to do so. Known as Option C, Aries took it and soon became the TNA World Heavyweight champion.

Fast forward to Slammiversary XI, Chris Sabin defeated Kenny King and Suicide in Ultimate X to win the X Division Championship. Hogan then met the new champion on the stage to confirm that Option C was still in effect, and that Sabin could cash it in for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X, which was now a special episode of Impact Wrestling.

Sabin would weigh his options, but last week on the show, he would lose the title to Suicide. It was somebody else under the mask, though, as Hogan revealed TJ Perkins as Suicide and declared that he was attacked backstage.

Before the show was over, Austin Aries revealed himself as the one who stole the costume and vowed to cash in Option C to take the world title off of Bully Ray.

How will Hogan respond to Aries’ trickery? Will he be stripped of the title? Could he be forced out of the Bound for Glory Series? Will Chris Sabin get a rematch before Option C can be cashed in?


The Mafia Rises: Who Will be the Next to Join the Main Event Mafia?

When nobody came out to help Sting at Slammiversary, the Icon knew it was time for a change. Instead of relying on friends for help, he wanted a tight-knit family that would back him up.

Sting would declare that he was reforming the Main Event Mafia, a group that once consisted of him, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner and briefly Samoa Joe. This time around, the group wouldn’t terrorize TNA, they would help them.

Two weeks ago, Sting revealed the first member of his new Mafia. In fact, the member wasn’t new at all. The Olympic gold medalist would tackle Bully Ray to the ground and apply the ankle lock while Sting mocked him. Kurt Angle may not be new, but he was an obvious choice for Sting to turn to.

Last week on the show, another new member was revealed. As Samoa Joe was facing Mr. Anderson in a Bound for Glory Series match, the Aces & Eights tried to help Anderson to victory. Sting and Angle would chase them off, and after Joe choked out his opponent, he was revealed as the latest member. Once again, not somebody new, but the Samoan Submission Machine makes quite the addition to Sting’s group.

This week on Impact Wrestling, Sting and his Mafia will reveal one more member.

Who will be the next to join the Main Event Mafia? Will they stick to recruiting former World Heavyweight champions, or will this new group be looking at everyone?

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling is looking quite good. Can TNA keep their momentum going strong? Tune in to find out!