WWE's Success, Mistakes and Problems with Build to Money in the Bank

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJuly 2, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

WWE attempted logical steps on Raw to promote Money in the Bank. Trouble is, pay-per-view buys don't respond to attempts—only successful execution.

Starting off with the participants in the “all-star” ladder match made sense. The card is already going to be short on matches and feuds because so many guys are occupied in this ladder match. You have to give it adequate time to matter and be more than just seven random guys who are in a spot-fest grabbing a briefcase.

The first problem I had is that Rob Van Dam is the seventh participant, but we won't see him until the match. He's not going to win. However, you still want to promote his return as big as possible. CM Punk mentioned RVD's name, which he shouldn't have done. This was followed up with a lackluster, flat ending to the segment, where a few of the guys backed out of the ring after Randy Orton hit an RKO on Kane.

What should have happened: CM Punk never mentions RVD's name. A brawl should have erupted among the six guys and then, in the middle of the chaos, an RVD promo airs on the titantron, halting the brawl in the ring and teasing his return. The segment goes way up in importance.

The entire episode showed flashbacks of those who have won the WWE title and World Heavyweight Championship. WWE did this in conjunction with the buildup to the main event of the night, featuring WWE champion John Cena versus World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio (non-title match, of course).

This is funny. What better way to remind me that Alberto Del Rio has been a struggle than to show me the best of the best who once carried the title he currently holds. If WWE producers thought video flashbacks would provided a digital rub for Del Rio, they were wrong.

The match concept, though, was a good choice. It wasn't the first time we've seen the champion versus champion gimmick, but it was the appropriate time to play that card. You have two ladder matches with a briefcase on the line, which basically gives its owner a license to steal a world title. The belts and holders need promoting. This match made both guys shine. It was a solid match.

If WWE wanted to achieve true success, it would have had Mark Henry cost John Cena the match and let Del Rio pick up the win. Why not? It's non-title. It would have looked good for Del Rio, provided more impact for Henry and Cena will come out on top in the end anyways.

I would love to see the World Heavyweight Championship somehow end up vacant, thereby requiring a tournament to crown a new champion. The title is the old WCW title; it's no stranger to the vacancy storyline. This hasn't been done often in WWE. The company likes people holding the title, which I agree with—if the holder is worthy and the story is interesting.

The entire WHC scene is in shambles. The big build was for Dolph Ziggler to cash in his MITB briefcase from last year and become champion. He finally did that and then suffered an injury not long after. As a result, the title went back to Del Rio, who was a babyface that nobody cheered. In fact, his manager Ricardo Rodriguez (I don't think faces should have managers) was more over than him.

Now, Del Rio is back to being a heel, and even if he should need a manager, Rodriguez has been suspended for violating the company wellness policy. Ziggler is supposed to be a face, but he randomly performed his finisher on Chris Jericho last week on Raw, which I think confused people. Then, there is the fact he was aligned with Big E. Langston and AJ Lee; there has been no acknowledgment of what their current relationship is.

How quick things change in WWE. One minute the Del Rio versus Ziggler feud is surrounded by people who are more over than the two participants wrestling in the ring. Now, it's down to just them with no alliances to be shown for.

What's next? Wyatt Family comes in and wins the title right away? Perhaps Sting makes his debut and wins it. Laugh as you should, because I'm being sarcastic...kinda.