Sting's Rumored Interest in WWE and Possible Signing is a Very Big Deal

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2013

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Sting headed to WWE?  Brace yourselves, folks, because the rumor mill is turning again.

According to F4Wonline (via, the former WCW champion and current TNA star is supposedly sending out feelers to Vince McMahon’s company about possibly joining them.

If you have read about this story already, then you likely have read opinions from both sides.  Basically, a good number of fans are not exactly all that thrilled about the prospect of Sting coming to WWE.

In fact, they want nothing to do with it.

Many of these critics just don’t believe Sting has anything to offer WWE, so bringing him in may provide him with a good payday, but that’s all.  While I don’t agree with this personally, I will admit that I can see where they’re coming from.

WWE is full of talented Superstars.  From the very top of the company, with main event stars like CM Punk and John Cena, to the newcomers, like The Shield and Curtis Axel, WWE is jam-packed with talent.  This does not even include the developmental stars performing on NXT in Florida, who are all waiting for their chances at WWE’s main stage.

Vince’s company is fully loaded.  So, why bring in Sting?

Why bring in a 54-year-old, 28-year veteran who has no proven drawing power in WWE and put him in a spot that could be filled by someone who’s already there?  With the immense talent pool at WWE’s disposal, the sad fact is that many of these Superstars are finding themselves left off of TV and thus struggling to gain a foothold with the audience.

Why would you spend precious air time on someone who for years wanted nothing to do with your company?  There are so many Superstars who would love to have an opportunity to show what they can do. Why take that away from them?

WWE fans have seen this happen so much within the past few yearsveterans returning for one pay day after another.  The Rock and Brock Lesnar are two examples of guys who do not necessarily need pro wrestling, but who are willing to come in and work. Then once they’re done, they leave again.

And when they do, it’s back to business as usual for WWE.  Sometimes it’s as if they had never come back at all.  

Could Sting really make enough of an impact to cause fans to forget just how many times we have seen this happen before?  

Does WWE really need Sting?

To be honest, all of these arguments against Sting being signed are legit, and I am hard-pressed to disagree with any of them.  But consider the other side.

WWE is a company that is in the pro wrestling business to make money.  That is the ultimate goal.  Despite the decades of legendary Superstars, the groundbreaking events and the classic matches, the most important part is the gate at the end of the night.

Though Vince McMahon certainly takes the man or woman sitting in front of him as an individual person and looks at what he or she has to offer, as a businessman he must look at their potential to earn money.  And either he sees dollar signs or he doesn’t.

When Vince looks at Sting, he sees dollar signs.  That’s it.  Why?  Because of The Undertaker.

Let’s face it, if we’re talking about Sting coming to WWE, what we’re really saying is Sting versus Undertaker.  And if the man known as "the Icon" does indeed sign with WWE, then almost immediately we will be talking about when (not "if") he and 'Taker will face off in the ring.

And make no mistake about it, that dream match equals money for Vince McMahon.

WWE is the master of hyping a wrestling match.  No company is better at promoting an event, and no company is better at selling a Superstar. When it comes to Sting, there is no promoter who could make him look better than Vince.

They would make him look like a million bucks from day one.  He would be given the red carpet treatment, introduced at the highest level of the company and shown the amount of respect that a veteran like him has earned throughout his career.

And as a result of all that, he would help make more money for McMahon.

A real point here that may be missed right now is the fact that it may not be Vince who could be the one behind bringing Sting to the company.  I would not be surprised if Triple H was the one making this happen.

Hunter is given credit for being the man to bring Bruno Sammartino back to the WWE family and convince him to accept nomination into the Hall of Fame.  This is all speculation on my part, but has Triple H’s ascension in the WWE hierarchy led to this reported interest on Sting’s part in joining the company?

The fact is if Sting comes in, it will be a very big moment for WWE and its fans.  Despite Sting’s age or what has happened before now, his arrival would mark an historic moment in the industry.  Sting is the one holdout from WWE’s defunct competitor, WCW, and to see him in Vince McMahon’s ring would be the realization of a lifetime of debate.

The final moments of Sting’s career in the business could be a very memorable run in the biggest pro wrestling entertainment company in the world.  He could finally say he had done it all, and for his fans, this dream can not happen fast enough.