WWE Should Give Chris Jericho One More Run as World Champion

Paul CarreauAnalyst IJuly 3, 2013

Chris Jericho as World Heavyweight Champion. Photo courtesy www.wrestlingvalley.org.
Chris Jericho as World Heavyweight Champion. Photo courtesy www.wrestlingvalley.org.

Before CM Punk proclaimed himself as the "Best in the World," there was Chris Jericho. For years in front of audiences everywhere, he has claimed "I am the Best in the World at What I Do." And for years he has been right about it.

Jericho is a six-time World champion, a seven-time tag team champion and a record-setting nine-time Intercontinental champion, along with holding many other championships to his credit. Jericho's last World title reign came in early 2010 when he held the World Heavyweight Championship for the third time.

Since returning to WWE in January 2012, Jericho has been considered a part-time talent. As he continues to tour with his band Fozzy, Jericho works with the company around his touring schedule. In that time frame, he has twice been involved in feuds surrounding one of the two major championships, both times failing to capture the gold.

During this most recent stint in the company, Jericho has also been in storylines involving Dolph Ziggler, The Shield and Fandango. In all of those feuds, he ended up losing a high-profile match to his opponent, because if there is one thing Jericho does better than anyone, it is putting over the young talent. 

In less than two weeks, at WWE's annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Jericho will not be involved in either of the two ladder matches. Instead, he will be wrestling Ryback in a singles match, which more than likely he will lose, as a way to once again elevate Ryback's status.

Jericho has been in the world of sports entertainment for a long time, so he understands the way the business works. It isn't about wins and losses—it's about the story that you tell both inside the ring as well as outside of it. 

Because of his stature as a main-event level superstar, beating Jericho is still considered a big deal, even though he puts people over more than he goes over himself.

It is this selflessness, and that he is still easily one of the top-four overall talents on the roster (CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan are the others) that make me want to see him hold one of the major championships one more time.

As a six-time World champion, none of his title reigns were overly memorable, which in itself is a shame. In total his six reigns lasted a combined 219 days.

We all know that he was the first ever Undisputed Champion, but that lasted just three months before losing to Triple H at Wrestlemania X8.

It would be very refreshing to see him get an extended run as champion. Just think about how great a Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan match for the title would be. What about another match against CM Punk? Except this time, Jericho walks in, and out, as the champion.

The things that WWE could do with Jericho as its champion are endless. And after a lengthy title run, imagine the boost it would give to someone's career when they are able to defeat him for the title. It could easily be a career-changing moment for a young superstar.

You can call Chris Jericho many things. Y2J, "The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla" or "The Man of 1004 Holds" are all applicable names. But for one last time, before he hangs it up for good, it would certainly be nice to call him World champion.