Gio Gonzalez Takes Fancy New Contract and Buys Luxury Cars for Family

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 3, 2013

Gio Gonzalez is making it rain sweet luxury all over his family at the moment. 

The Washington Nationals' star pitcher recently sat down with a couple of familiar faces for a MASN segment hosted by Kurt Suzuki. During the bit, Gonzalez lets fly about some of his latest expenses.

While video can be seen on their website, The Washington Post's Sarah Kogod helps us out by transcribing the interesting portion of the chat between Suzuki, Gonzalez and former Oakland A's teammate Trevor Cahill. 

The catcher asked the 27-year-old Nationals pitcher how he spent some of that nice five-year, $42 million contract he secured last year. 

To which Gonzalez replied, "I’m already broke. I got a couple toys for my brother, a couple of toys for my mom."

That sounds quaint, but after further digging by a curious Suzuki, we find out exactly what he means by toys. 

Well, first I bought myself a nice house. I moved out of Hialeah, live in Broward now. I bought me, also, a nice little car. A Lamborghini. And then I bought my brother one, a Lamborghini. I bought my mom a Rolls Royce. I bought my brother a boat, and I bought my dad a Bentley.

Life is good for a star pitcher coming off a 21-win season. However, if you weren't blessed with opportunity and talent, the next best thing is being related to somebody who was. 

We always assume athletes pamper their loved ones, but it's nice to actually hear it takes place. These are the ones who presumably supported Gonzalez when he was an obscure amateur, so it makes sense that they share in the wonderful spoils. 

The Washington Postin a January 2012 report, covered the contract extension that gives Gonzalez about $42 million of guaranteed money with options that could send the total soaring to about $65 million. 

Essentially, Gonzalez has enough to spend lavishly on the ones he loves. It sort of makes that sweater you got mom for Christmas look a little lame by comparison, though. 


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