Tennessee Titans: Is Kenny Britt Finally Ready to Become Elite Wide Receiver?

Chad MintonCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2013

Britt has over 2,300 career receiving yards with the Titans.
Britt has over 2,300 career receiving yards with the Titans.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Saying that Kenny Britt's journey as a member of the Tennessee Titans has been a rocky one would be an understatement.

Britt has displayed the ability to be one of the better wide receivers in the NFL, but only in small doses. However, there have been far too many other instances where Britt has displayed that he can't keep his nose out of trouble.

Unfortunately for the Titans, the latter has far outweighed the positive stuff.

This season might very well be Britt's last chance in a Titans uniform to show he's elite. The Titans seemingly got themselves a backup plan by drafting Justin Hunter early in the second round of April's NFL draft. The presence of Hunter should push Britt to work even harder, much like the presence of Shonn Greene behind Chris Johnson.

It would be a nightmare for opposing defenses if they had to pick their poison between covering a dominant Britt or stacking the box to stop Johnson in the run game.

Throw into the mix plenty of other respectable options at receiver, and suddenly the Titans have a very challenging offense to stop.

That all relies on if Britt can at least make a case for becoming an elite wide receiver very soon.

Britt's not totally in control of taking that step in 2013. He obviously needs Jake Locker to show drastic improvement at quarterback if he's going to put up his first 1,000-yard season of his NFL career. If Locker improves, Britt has the athleticism to take over games like he's done on several occasions already in his first four seasons.

This new offense should also give Britt some new opportunities to finally play up to his potential, instead of playing in Chris Palmer's system that nobody seemed to like.

Finally, the biggest X-factor for Britt is his attitude. Can Britt keep his mind on football and block out all of that other stuff that always seems to get players into trouble?

A focused Britt is what the Titans need the most. His talent alone should make everything else fall into place.

The table is set for Britt to help everyone quickly forget about the last couple disappointing seasons. The Titans are certainly hoping he takes advantage of this opportunity.