Miami Dolphins Jerseys You Likely Rocked During Your Childhood

Mario CuadrosContributor IIJuly 4, 2013

22 Dec 1997:  Dan Marino #13 of the Miami Dolphins in action during the game against the New England Patriots at the Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Patriots defeated the Dolphins 14-12. Mandatory Credit: Andy Lyons  /Allsport
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have one of the richest histories in the NFL. They've had some great teams and players over the years and look to get back to prominence during the Joe Philbin years. 

Implanted in the minds of Dolphins fans are the years of Bob Griese and Larry Csonka and the undefeated season, the years of Dan Marino connecting with the Marks brothers on the way to breaking records.

The early years of Ricky Williams also gave Dolphins fans something to cheer for, but it didn't last long. In those same years, Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor made up one of the best defenses in the league.

Unfortunately, the most recent memory is the infamous 1-15 season, but that appears to be ancient history with the direction in which the team is headed.

The uniforms worn by the 'Fins during the early years will always be considered a classic look. The aqua and white flowed seamlessly and gave the image of a champion. During the Marino years, the uniforms went to a darker color, which was the color used during the 1996-2013 seasons.

For next season, Miami will be going back to the early aqua color.

Now, lets take a look at some of the old-school jerseys every Dolphins fan rocked during their childhood.


Bob Griese/Larry Csonka

The early years of the Miami Dolphins brought in a big fanbase that stretched to places outside of South Florida. The biggest reason was the great play of Griese and Csonka, which led to three straight Super Bowl appearances and an undefeated season.

I was never able to rock either of these jerseys, but I probably would have worn one everyday if I could.


Dan Marino

Which Dolphins fan didn't wear a Marino jersey?

One of the greatest players in NFL history gave Miami fans a lot to cheer about. He was responsible for keeping the Dolphins franchise atop the NFL landscape until his retirement. Marino is probably the most famous Dolphin ever to play and will probably keep selling jerseys for years to come.

If you didn't rock a Marino jersey during your childhood, it's not too late. 


Jason Taylor/Zach Thomas/Ricky Williams

Taylor and Thomas are considered some of the best players ever to don the aqua and orange.

Williams was a great player during his time in Miami, but he can't be considered in the same group as Taylor or Thomas. 

If you rocked Williams' jersey, I don't blame you. He was supposed to carry Miami the same way Marino and Griese did. Had it not been for off-field issues, he may have, but we all know how that turned out. 

Rocking a Taylor or Thomas jersey was the way to go at the turn of the century. They were the heart and soul of a great defense and epitomized the Dolphins culture. 


A Look at the Future

Today, there are not as many Dolphins fans outside of South Florida as there used to be during those golden years. Miami flies under the radar due to the fact that it doesn't have superstars and isn't contending for a playoff spot every year.

A Cameron Wake jersey is one that today's youth should be wearing. He has been Miami's best player, and he's one of the best defensive players in the league. 

After last season, Ryan Tannehill and Reshad Jones jerseys may also be flying off the racks. If they continue to improve and become stars, we will certainly look back and question everybody who didn't rock their jerseys.