Packers Tight End D.J. Williams Releases 'Friday' Mashup Mix-Tape

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 5, 2013

Warning: This video features some NSFW language. Second warning: It’s Friday, and therefore, time to get down.

While America is ready to kick off a lazy/crazy Fourth of July weekend, D.J. Williams is putting in work to make music that will get us in the groove. The Packers tight end released the first mix-tape on Wednesday, kicking off a series of drops he calls “D.J. Mix Friday.” 

The mix-tape was spotted by Kiley Kmiec of Next Impulse Sports, and it’s actually not bad. 

dj mix Friday. Everyone check out my new mix I just put together !! hope you enjoy!!!

— D.J. Williams (@dj45williams) July 3, 2013

Williams kicks things off with a classic Chris Tucker line from the movie Friday, and then it’s off to the club with David Guetta’s “Titanium.”

The mix-tape features mashed-up mixes of Notorious B.I.G., Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani among other artists. Williams is rocking a Packers shirt the whole while, and is definitely enjoying himself in his home studio. 

Let's break Williams’ track down and get some grading going: 


Song Choice: B+

There are no bad songs on Williams’ mashup mix, but there was that whole Busta Rhymes verse, which was a problem. 

Thankfully, right as you’re about to O.D. on Busta, the song moves into “Suit and Tie” and all is forgiven. He also includes “Juicy," which is amazing. 


Smoothness: B-

Overall, it’s a professional-sounding mix, but some of the transitions were raw and sudden. 

Cutting in Chris Tucker’s line about messing with a black man’s stereo is funny, but it was meant to mask the fact he didn’t have a clean segue into his next song. 


Creativity: A-

Chris Tucker lines will always win my heart, and Williams used them to provide a funny theme for the mix-tape.

He didn’t go White Panda crazy and mix Rihanna and Game of Thrones together, but it’s solid work. 


Overall: B

Raw, but with nuggets of goodness. It's no Super Mash Bros, but Williams is definitely headed in the right direction.

Keep it up, D.J.. The NFL needs a Jazzy Jeff this summer, and you’re clearly capable of being that guy.