Stephen Curry Works Hard for Laughs with 'No Days Off' Vine Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 5, 2013

Good luck trying to get Stephen Curry to take a break. The man is in constant pursuit of bettering his game—even as his family tries to enjoy their Fourth of July. 

The star Golden State Warriors guard posted the following Vine video to fans: 

While you were sitting on some beach, chilling at a picnic or throwing your own family party, Curry was putting in some work.

Some of you might be nursing some gnarly hangovers and heartburn Friday morning, but Curry is just one day better. I only feel sorry for his friends and family who were simply dominated due to lackluster defense and what looks to be an Independence Day nap. 

This is just the latest social media comedy offered by the star point guard, who is coming off of a solid season wherein he scored 22.9 points per game. 

Here he is making a young lady smile, even though she is forced to wear a Johnny Rockets milkshake costume. 

He even took a jab at LeBron James, who was struggling in the first half of Game 3 in the NBA Finals, with this post featuring his beautiful daughter. 

Don't worry about James' feelings, because he would go on to secure his second NBA championship in as many years. 

Now, if you are looking for an athlete to follow on Twitter and Vine, Curry certainly delivers behind-the-scenes glances of his life, posting outings like trips to the dentist as well as the tattoo parlor

As we know, no matter where he goes, he is most certainly doing work. 


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