What's Next for Mick Foley in TNA?

Ali Mashraf@http://www.twitter.com/MashrafAliCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

"The Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley signed a short term deal with Total Nonstop Action, better known as TNA! On Sep. 18, 2008 edition of TNA Impact, Jeff Jarrett introduced Mick Foley to the audience as the Executive Shareholder of TNA. 

Foley was announced as the Special Guest Enforcer of the match between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory IV. During the match, when Angle had low-blowed the referee, Foley came in.

As Angle was about to hit Jarrett with a steel chair, Foley interrupted him. Kurt then hit Foley with the chair. Moments after that, Foley took out his famous "Socko" and choked Angle, costing him the match.

After that, for weeks Foley had a feud with the Main Event Mafia. He was also the Special Guest Enforcer of the Carrer Threatening match between Kurt Angle and Rhino at Final Resolution 2008. During the match, his former tag team partner, Al Snow, interfered, giving Angle the win.

At Genesis, Foley and the Frontline (AJ Styles and Brother Devon) took on Cute Kip and Main Event Mafia (Scott Steiner and Booker T), where Foley and the Frontline won after Foley hit the Double Arm DDT on Steiner and pinned him.

During his feud with Main Event Mafia, Foley and Kurt Angle had different kinds of matches with various stipulations. Their feud even went as far as Foley suspending Angle and buying suits for the members of Frontline!

During a tag team match between Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and Sting, Foley deliberately hit Sting with a steel chair costing him the match and becoming a tweener in the process.

The next week, Foley told Sting that he accidentally hit him with the chair and he had no intentions to do such things. Sting then challenged Foley to a match at Lockdown for the TNA World Heavyweight Title which Foley accepted.

At Lockdown 2009, Foley defeated Sting after escaping the cage before Sting and thus becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight champion.

On Apr. 23 edition of TNA Impact, Foley was awarded the TNA World Heavyweight Title by Jeff Jarrett and was told by Jarrett that he would defend his TNA World Heavyweight title in a Fatal Four Way match at Sacrifice, 2009. Foley also promptly scheduled a Hardcore match between Jarrett and Scott Steiner. 

After Jarrett won the match against Steiner, Angle and Steiner attacked him. Foley then saved Jarrett after hitting Angle with the steel chair and scaring away Steiner. But, when Jarrett recovered, he intentionally hit Jarrett with the steel chair.

After the attack, Jarrett told Mick Foley that he had lost all his faith over Foley and addressed Foley as Mick "Freaking" Foley.

The next week, Kurt Angle stormed in Foley's office and demanded a match against Foley for his World Heavyweight Title. During their conversation, Foley somehow attacked Angle with a cordless phone and started choking Angle with his "Socko".

Suddenly, a masked man came and hit Foley with a steel chair. When that man opened his mask, it revealed that he was Sting.

The next week, it was scheduled that the Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle, Sting, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash) would face off against AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett and...Mick Foley!!

So, how long will Mick Foley suit as a good and trustworthy partner for the Frontline? Will he re-unite with Jarrett or, will Foley side with the Main Event Mafia? And, if he sides with the Mafia, what will be the reaction of the Mafia, especially Kurt Angle and Sting?