Jon Jones: 'I Wish the Media Would Let Anderson Focus on Chris Weidman'

Jordy McElroy@ IJuly 5, 2013

Anderson Silva and Jon Jones (Photo Credit:
Anderson Silva and Jon Jones (Photo Credit:

Jon Jones is growing tired of the media bombarding Anderson Silva with superfight talk.

The UFC light heavyweight champ knows a thing or two about the importance of remaining focused on the task at hand and not looking too far ahead.

At UFC 162, Silva will defend his middleweight title for an 11th time against undefeated contender Chris Weidman. There has never been a more dangerous matchup for Silva on paper, and a sizable chunk of the MMA community is banking on a historic upset.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of fans consider this bout a transitional fight that will ultimately pave the way for a dream match between Silva and Jones. The public's infatuation with super fights has pushed the media to follow suit and ask redundant questions.

At a media luncheon on Monday, Silva attempted to bypass the superfight talk by flat out admitting he didn't believe he could defeat Jones at light heavyweight. Unfortunately, his comments only fueled the media's interest in the bout, and questions have since been pouring in about whether or not Silva is afraid of Jones.

On Wednesday, Jones hopped on Twitter in defense of Silva.


Jones has always been open about the overwhelming respect he has for Silva as a fighter and a person. In an interview with ESPN Radio, he called a fight with Silva a "lose-lose situation."

He doesn't want to be the guy to end Silva's run, but he also doesn't want to lose to Silva either.

As Jones bluntly puts it in the interview, "Some things were just not meant to be seen."