Ironman Frankfurt 2013 Results: Men's and Women's Top Finishers

Justin Onslow@@JustinOnslowNFLContributor IIJuly 7, 2013

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The Frankfurter Sparkasse Ironman European Championship took place on July 7 in Frankfurt, Germany, testing the endurance, perseverance and determination of some of the most talented athletes in the world.

A three-event competition consisting of swimming, biking and running, the Ironman event took most competitors more than eight hours to complete. When the dust had settled and every competitor had crossed the finish line, Spain’s Eneko Llanos stood alone as the unquestioned Ironman of the race.

Llanos completed the event in two ticks under eight hours at 7:59:58—the only Ironman participant to finish under the eight-hour mark. He set the tone with a respectable 46:10 swim, but really gained ground with a tremendous 4:25:32 time in the biking portion. He finished with a 2:44:12 run.

Llanos is an unquestionably talented athlete who isn’t new to winning big competitions. The Spaniard also triumphed at the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne in March, as noted by Kevin Mackinnon of

Jan Raphael, Bas Diederen, Axel Zeebroek and Andi Bocherer rounded out the top five on the men’s side, each with a time of 8:15:13 or better.

Denmark’s Camilla Pedersen triumphed in the women’s competition with a time of 8:56:01, edging out Jodie Swallow by nearly three minutes. Swallow bested Pedersen in the first leg with a terrific swim, but the champion completed the run in 3:09:29 after a fantastic effort in the biking portion.

Swallow was arguably Pedersen’s toughest competition, but just as she did in Aarhus last month, the Denmark native bested Swallow in the final leg, as noted by Mackinnon.

Kristin Moeller, Sofie Goos and Elizabeth Lyles rounded out the top five for the women, all coming in just over the nine-hour mark.


Course Details

The first leg of the Ironman competition consisted of a 2.4-mile swim in Langener Waldsee—a jaunt the event’s website describes as “a calm lake south of Frankfurt. It is a two-loop course with a short run between the two laps.”

Following the swim, participants took to the two-loop bike courses in “downtown Frankfurt and the surrounding countryside,” accounting for 112 miles of the race’s 138.6 miles. As noted on the race’s website, the route featured several arduous climbs and changes in elevation, giving riders a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

But where participants were made and broken was in the race’s final 26.2 miles of running on the four-loop course in downtown Frankfurt. For those looking for an extra boost, the final two legs were lined with spectators watching on as the competition came to a close.

Here are the top men's and women's finishers from this grueling event.


Men's Top Finishers

Place Participant Swim Bike Run Finish
1 Llanos, Eneko 00:46:10 04:25:32 02:44:12 07:59:58
2 Raphael, Jan 00:46:12 04:25:41 02:51:21 08:07:19
3 Diederen, Bas 00:46:10 04:34:00 02:47:58 08:12:07
4 Zeebroek, Axel 00:46:08 04:25:48 02:58:40 08:14:41
5 Böcherer, Andi 00:46:06 04:25:51 02:59:14 08:15:13
6 Ritter, Christian 00:46:01 04:34:04 02:52:06 08:16:30
7 Raelert, Michael 00:46:08 04:31:07 02:56:04 08:16:58
8 Kriat, Maxim 00:48:09 04:36:46 02:49:20 08:18:10
9 Kienle, Sebastian 00:49:25 04:30:28 02:55:12 08:18:38
10 Dellow, David 00:46:14 04:33:51 02:54:05 08:19:03


Women's Top Finishers

Place Participant Swim Bike Run Finish
1 Pedersen, Camilla 00:48:08
04:54:20  03:09:29  08:56:01 
2 Swallow, Jodie
04:50:36  03:17:40  08:58:43 
3 Moeller, Kristin
05:03:10  02:57:13  09:01:55 
4 Goos, Sofie
04:59:53  03:11:57  09:07:43 
5 Lyles, Elizabeth
05:10:04  03:01:56  09:09:44 
6 Nyström, Eva
04:58:55  03:10:43  09:11:47 
7 Hufe, Mareen
04:55:23  03:17:02  09:12:24 
8 Weerd, Mirjam
04:52:58  03:23:16  09:13:11 
9 Sämmler, Daniela
05:02:37  03:16:32  09:14:51 
10 Blatt, Susan
04:59:34  03:18:17  09:16:51 


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