Paul Heyman Is in Firm Control of the CM Punk Situation

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJuly 8, 2013

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Paul Heyman seems to be a very troubled man.  He is currently trying to maintain a very tenuous relationship with his best friend CM Punk, who does not want him at ringside anymore.  Combined with that is the fact that Punk does not trust or want anything to do with Heyman’s newest protege, Curtis Axel.  And somewhere behind the scenes is Brock Lesnar, who physically attacked CM Punk the night after Payback, which essentially caused all of this turmoil to begin with.

No doubt about it, Paul Heyman has had better days.  But don’t let him fool you; he is in full control of the situation.

Heyman is the master manipulator.  Just when you think you have him figured out, he surprises you. He can convince you that up is down and that black is white.  He is very good at putting others in the exact spots he wants them to be in, and when he’s ready, he will show his hand.

And I believe that is exactly what we’re seeing right now.

On the surface, Paul does seem genuine when he calls Punk his best friend.  His desire to see Punk succeed and maintain his “best in the world” moniker seems legitimate, and so far there has been no real reason to believe otherwise.

But Heyman has been moving his chess pieces around the board for a few weeks now, in preparation of his big finish.  The ultimate play is to gain revenge on CM Punk, and thus far, everything is going according to plan.

I believe that on the Raw following WWE Payback, the seed was planted.  When it became obvious that Punk was attempting to sever professional ties with Heyman was the moment that the idea formulated in the mind of the evil genius.

Since then, Heyman has been biding his time, waiting for the right night to unleash hell on CM Punk. And that hell will come in the form of The Anomaly, Brock Lesnar.

Brock was directed by Heyman to give Punk the F-5 as a statement—a first shot—and Lesnar did just that.  Now, Brock is being told to stay away so Paul can begin to muddle the situation with Punk, attempting to convince him that his friendship is sincere.  Yet while that’s happening, Punk is getting frustrated.  He’s getting careless.

And the more that continues to happen, the more that CM Punk lets his guard down.  Right now, Punk is being distracted from Brock.  He has not forgotten about him, but that will surely happen eventually.

And when it does, Heyman will once again give the command: Take Punk out.

Heyman’s friendship with Punk was entirely dependent on Punk respecting who gave him his first break.  Paul believed in him when no one else would, a fact that Heyman will not let Punk forget.  When Punk dismissed his friend from ringside, he took his fate into his own hands.

Punk has forgotten where he came from, and it’s time for Paul Heyman to remind him.

Even though Heyman’s character could, in fact, be plotting against Punk behind the scenes, the truth is that he could actually believe that they could reconcile their differences.  Of course, that would happen after Brock Lesnar destroyed Punk in a match, quite possibly at SummerSlam.

But in Paul’s mind, all is not lost.  To him, once Brock deals with Punk, Punk will surely see that he cannot get along without some help.  He will come back, admit that he was wrong and all will be well once again.

That is the level of arrogance that Paul Heyman lives on because in his mind, no one can best him. He has all the answers, and more importantly, he knows what’s best for CM Punk’s career.  And when the moment is right, he will remind him of that.

Paul Heyman appears to be a man who is very conflicted.  His friendship with CM Punk is strained beyond belief, and it looks as though Heyman is losing control of the situation.  But I believe that Paul is orchestrating a plan behind the scenes. When he gives the direction, Punk will have to answer for the decisions that he’s made.

Paul Heyman is in firm control.  And he usually always is.