New Study Shows Alabama, SEC Dominate College Football Conversations on Twitter

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJuly 8, 2013

Credit: Emory Sports Marketing Analytics
Credit: Emory Sports Marketing Analytics

The SEC is still dominating college football and you didn't even know it.

The offseason is supposed to be a time when the other conferences can enjoy the spotlight and fans don't have to hear so much about Nick Saban.

Well, apparently folks aren't getting the memo. It appears that the fans can't stop mentioning the SEC, particularly Alabama. According to a study done by Emory Sports Marketing Analytics (h/t CBS Sports), most college football Twitter conversations have to do with the conference everybody either loves or hates.

The chart below is a Twitter analysis of college football conversations that have taken place during the last six months:

According to the report, like many things these days, Alabama is No. 1, being included in more than 84 percent of all Twitter conversations based on college football.

Why not? There is plenty to talk about these days from the top 2014 recruiting class, the back-to-back national championships and the chances of a three-peat. There is also much to discuss about Saban, who is always a popular topic and usually elicits comments from the most opinionated of college football fans.

But the SEC lovefest doesn't stop there.

Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina are also ranked in the top five. Much of that talk likely has to do with recruiting. Ole Miss is still on cloud nine after sealing a 2013 class for the ages, and Tennessee is feeling good about itself with head coach Butch Jones in charge. South Carolina has national title hopes and some player named Jadeveon Clowney. Maybe you've heard of him.

West Virginia rounds out the top five, but four of the most talked-about programs are from the SEC. You can see that Arkansas and Kentucky have also been popular in the Twitter world. Who would have thought?

Another surprising statistic is that college football in California isn't mentioned very often, as it's one of the few white states. With USC in the mix and the recent success of UCLA, you would think it would have done better than the 0-14 percent.

As if you needed any reminders, the SEC is pretty relevant and has found yet another way to promote its schools.