Vickie Guerrero: Will She and Ryback be the New Power Couple in the WWE?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 10, 2013

We all know Vickie Guerrero isn’t going anywhere. Yes, she was “fired” from her role as acting general manager on Raw and summarily replaced by her assistant Brad Maddox. Yes, she pulled a Susan Lucci-like performance off on Monday night. Yes, the long, drawn-out segment was comical and boring at the same time.

But, ding dong, excuse me, you’re fired!

What is Vickie going to do? I use her first name in this column because she claimed over and over again that she adores the WWE Universe like they are her family. After a stint as general manager on Raw and SmackDown and a manager of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, maybe the best thing for Vickie to do is repeat a catchphrase we know all too well.

“Feed Me Ryback.”

When Ryback stopped Vickie in the hallway upon her departure from the show and told her, “You deserve better,” a thought entered my head. Could Ryback and Vickie form a combination that gets Ryback over again in the eyes of the WWE Universe? Could it get Vickie over as a face manager and make both of them relevant in the eyes of the wrestling world again?

It’s odd, but it’s not too far-fetched. When you think of the oddballs over the years who have been paired together for the “good” of wrestling, this combination makes just as much sense.

Natalya and Khali. Sunshine and The Missing Link. Woman and Doom. 

Ryback is in the middle of a huge fall from the top of the WWE ladder. A mixture of poor planning and rushing his progress did that to him. Injuries to John Cena also helped the cause (another reason to be pissed at Cena). Vickie’s character had grown stale and useless, and we all saw something like this coming.

If Vickie is the one to come at the McMahon family, what better way to do so than to have someone like Ryback in her corner? He could claim the company has wasted his talents and hurt his chances of winning the WWE Title. This may also lead to Triple H becoming more involved in this one, possibly in the ring.

Yes, it’s far-fetched like I said, but it also works. If the WWE ruins the Wyatt Family angle (which it could) and tinkers with The Shield in any way, they will need a "fallback" to soften the blow. Ryback and Vickie do that.

We have learned from the past there is nothing worse than a scorned woman in this business. Vickie is fired, then replaced by her understudy. Ryback feels he has been disrespected. A match made in wrestling heaven? No, but a combination that could be extremely interesting to watch during the summer.

Opposites do not have to attract. They only have to have one common goal.

Taking on the McMahons should be enough to breathe new fire into both of their characters.