Dwight Howard, NBA Star and All-Around Nice Guy, Buys Houston Fans Lunch

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 9, 2013

Photo Credit: chem_ee's Instagram (via Yahoo! Sports)
Photo Credit: chem_ee's Instagram (via Yahoo! Sports)

Gosh, Dwight Howard sure is a swell guy. 

Knowing what we do about one of the NBA's most polarizing characters, it would do us well to savor the sweet honeymoon portion of Howard's time in Houston, which now features the big man buying an entire restaurant some food. 

Yahoo! Sports' Kelly Dwyer spotted a few tweets that prove Howard is indeed a considerate man and not the villain so many spurned fanbases try to make him out to be. 

See, America? Howard is super-likable and not a totally self-absorbed athlete. One who is beloved by all, or at least the many who haven't had to deal with his wishy-washy mentality. 

Dwyer informs us that the NBA star is in Houston to take a physical and is not officially a member of the Rockets, but may be unveiled as the organization's crowned jewel of the summer sometime this Wednesday. 

In all seriousness, Howard continues to take a tremendous amount of heat for the way he handled exits in Orlando and, subsequently, Los Angeles. 

Still, there is no denying the man is a huge talent with a big heart. While he might have trouble making a decision when it comes contract time, he showed that he can certainly be a class act with fans ready to embrace him with open arms. 

Howard really didn't have to buy every last person in The Breakfast Klub a meal. Doing so is just one minor sign that his stint in Houston might be different than his forays in other cities. 

Still, we have seen fans embrace the man with the smile spread from ear to ear, and we have seen those same people give him the cold shoulder and turn their backs on him. 

Here's hoping there are truly far more free lunches and Rockets celebrations in the future, because none of us have the energy to go through another ordeal three years from now

Let's all just sit and bask in the warm glow of a magnanimous big man who fully embraces the franchise he's signed on with, because that beautiful feeling doesn't last for too long—at least not with Howard. 

In fact, I think I have seen this one before; it might be a rerun. 


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