Chelsea Transfer Rumours: Daniele De Rossi Would Be Perfect Addition for Blues

Brandon Glass@@bglass20Correspondent IJuly 11, 2013

Daniele De Rossi would provide an instant upgrade for a youthful Chelsea midfield
Daniele De Rossi would provide an instant upgrade for a youthful Chelsea midfieldValerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Since Jose Mourinho has arrived in West London for his second stint as the manager of Chelsea, rumors on which players the 'Special One' would buy this summer have swirled around Stamford Bridge. One of those names linked with Mourinho and the Blues in recent weeks: Daniele De Rossi.

According to Fansided, Mourinho is keen to welcome the 29-year-old Roma midfielder to Stamford Bridge.

If it were to happen, De Rossi would be Chelsea's most important addition of the summer, and we may very well see Chelsea as title favorites for the 2013-14 English Premier League campaign.

First, De Rossi would add valuable experience to an otherwise youthful midfield. With the likes of Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Oscar and newly added Andre Schurrle on the team, to say Chelsea's midfield is young is a serious understatement. The oldest of the aforementioned players is Juan Mata, who is still only 25 years old.

While, yes, Chelsea legend Frank Lampard signed a new one-year contract with the London club in May, even Mourinho can admit that the 35-year-old's ability to start regularly for Chelsea is in serious doubt.

De Rossi would immediately come in and serve as a leader in Chelsea's midfield, while still providing the ability to regularly start for the side throughout the grind of the EPL schedule.   

However, it is not solely De Rossi's age and experience that would be beneficial for Chelsea. 

De Rossi is, simply put, an extremely talented footballer. 

Being the prototype of a "Mourinho player," De Rossi would offer the Blues versatility and stability in a midfield that may not have it right now. While there is no doubting that Mata, Hazard and Oscar offer one of the most dynamic and attack-orientated midfields in England, nobody can argue that the "Three Amigos'" defensive abilities are in serious question.

The Italian international would come in and immediately fill that void. With a superb defensive mind, De Rossi has the ability to sit in front of the back four and provide Chelsea with cover, as well as the ability to clean up his teammates' mistakes. He also has incredible tactical awareness, and has the talent to stop counterattacks with clean, precise tackles.

Not only would De Rossi give Mourinho a defensive mind in his otherwise attack-minded midfield, but De Rossi would give Chelsea the ability to control a game with his passing ability.

What the Italian offers on the defensive side of the ball, he may just exceed that on the offensive side. De Rossi has proven to have the ability to provide cunning and on-the-spot balls to attacking options, and would be the engine of the midfield that provides scoring opportunities for Mata, Hazard and company.

De Rossi would provide a distribution outlet for Chelsea's defenders, while also being the provider for the side's attacks.

However, maybe the single most important reason why De Rossi would be a tremendous addition for the Blues is his ability to provide Mourinho with versatility and options for the club.

With De Rossi in the side, Mourinho has a plethora of options at his disposal. He could deploy the likes of Lampard, or maybe Ramires, next to De Rossi in a 4-2-3-1 formation, which would allow the mostly attack-minded Lampard and Ramires to go forward while De Rossi sits back.

He could also use De Rossi in Mourinho's favorite 4-3-3, with De Rossi in the center of the midfield controlling the game and providing defensive cover for all of Chelsea's attacking options.

However Mourinho would choose to use De Rossi, there is no doubting that the Italian would provide another dimension to Chelsea's midfield. As seen last season in which Chelsea played a record 69 games, the importance of having depth in a roster is second to none.

If he were to come to West London, De Rossi would instantly become a staple in Chelsea's midfield for years to come, as he would provide the perfect combination of skill, experience and versatility.

Simply put, De Rossi's addition would be a dream scenario for Mourinho and the Blues.

Now, have YOUR say! Would you welcome Daniele De Rossi to Chelsea? How do you see him fitting in the lineup? Comment with your opinions below in the comment thread!   


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