ESPN Tries to Get in on 'Sharknado' Fun and Fails with San Jose Sharks Tweet

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 12, 2013

Count ESPN among the many casualties claimed during the hilariously awful presentation of SyFy's Sharknado

If you were on Twitter for any moment Thursday evening, you no doubt ran into a flurry of Sharknado tweets.

ESPN got into the action on Friday morning and smacked a clever post toward the San Jose Sharks, only to have it returned with the force of a terrifying tornado teeming with hundreds of man-eating sharks. 

ESPN is mum on the sledgehammer comeback, but that hasn't stopped others, including some NHL teams, from tipping their virtual hats in San Jose's general direction. 

In one magical moment, the entire hockey world was unified, and it was indeed beautiful. 

Judging by the horrible ratings, there are a great many of you who are wondering what exactly a sharknado is, which makes for a dynamite quandary. 

It seemed like all of Twitter had their televisions tuned to the SyFy network on Thursday night to take in just the latest movie dedicated to awesome absurdity. 

The Atlantic has a beautiful graph that illustrates the dichotomy between people who watched the made-for-TV movie and those who felt compelled to actually tweet about it. 

Like some, I fell into the camp of people who both tweeted and took in the wonder and brilliance that was actor Ian Ziering fighting brutal weather and ferocious sharks. 

Here is the trailer just to give you a taste of the cinematic delicacy. 

You pretty much have the the entire plot of the movie given away if you made it through that brief teaser: A giant hurricane leads to shark-infused tornadoes. 

Humanity's only weapons seem to be homemade bombs thrown by helicopters into the heart of each tornado and the man who played Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills, 90210

Oh, and Tara Reid is there to deliver an acting performance that might be more terrifying than the actual idea of flying sharks. 

In the end, there was one group that made it out of the entire ordeal unscathed. No amount of chainsaws, bombs or ESPN tweets could ever take down the San Jose Sharks. 


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