NCAA Football 14: Offenses That Will Provide Most Excitement During Gameplay

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistJuly 12, 2013

Courtesy of NCAA Football's Facebook page
Courtesy of NCAA Football's Facebook page

Defense might win championships, but it's the offense that provides the fun.

When playing video games, you generally don't gravitate toward the teams with the best defenses. You move to the teams with the best offensive players. When Pat White and Vince Young were in college, they were some of the most unstoppable players of NCAA Football past.

With NCAA Football 14, you can control college football's preeminent offensive stars. You'll likely pick your alma mater or favorite school when you go with Dynasty mode. In online and exhibition play, though, picking the right team makes all the difference.

Here are four offenses you should target in NCAA Football 14.


Oregon Ducks

No Chip Kelly? No problem. It's a good thing video games don't take into account head coaching changes. Otherwise, the Oregon Ducks might be a bit of a variable. Instead, they boast what will surely be the most ridiculous offense in the game.

With QB #8 (Marcus Mariota), you've got a mobile quarterback. Playing with a fast QB is always a bit of a cop-out because it's so much easier to pick apart a defense with a quarterback who can run than with a pocket passer.

The more important player is HB #6 (De'Anthony Thomas). He's ridiculously fast in the game and will be untouchable in the open field. With his versatility, you can line him up just about anywhere on offense if you can't get him going in the running game. Plus, he's a dangerous return man, too.


Texas A&M Aggies

Who doesn't want to play with the reigning Heisman Trophy winner? There's no doubt that Texas A&M will be one of the go-to teams for any gamers.

Sporting QB #2 (Johnny Manziel), the Aggies will be one of the most fun teams with which you can play. The QB can pass or throw. It's unlikely he'll be as unbeatable as Michael Vick in Madden 2004, but he'll likely come pretty close.

Don't be surprised if your friends make some kind of rule so that Texas A&M is strictly off-limits. Nobody will want to play against the Aggies.


Alabama Crimson Tide

Do you really need another reason to play with the reigning national champions? The Alabama Crimson Tide dominate on both sides of the ball. They've got a great defense, and an offense with a lot of weapons.

Under center, you've got QB #10 (A.J. McCarron). He's the prototypical pocket passer who's extremely accurate. You'll be able to sit back and find the open receiver, a task which should be much easier considering how talented the Crimson Tide's offensive line is.

The top target in the passing game will be WR #9 (Amani Cooper). He's very highly rated and should take off this season. That's a potent 1-2 punch for an offense.


Clemson Tigers

Of course, it's arguably not as potent as Clemson's. The Tigers have one of the top-rated QBs and WRs in the game. Just putting those two on a team makes Clemson a very fun team to play with in NCAA Football 14.

As the signal-caller, you've got QB #10 Tajh Boyd. He's got a very strong arm, but much more importantly, he's one of the more mobile quarterbacks in the game. You'll definitely be able to create some more time in the pocket for yourself while trying to find the open man.

More often than not, you'll be looking for WR #2 (Sammy Watkins). He can make just about any catch, and when he gets in the open field, forget about it.