The Big Show Makes the Most Sense as Kane's Replacement at Money in the Bank

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IJuly 13, 2013

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Will six become seven? states that the company is considering a replacement for Kane in Sunday’s Money in the Bank All-Star match for the WWE Championship briefcase. Kane suffered a storyline injury Monday night when he was attacked in the debut of The Wyatt Family.

According to the article, the company could leave things as they are with six participants, or it could opt for a seventh performer. Names mentioned in the article as possible replacements are The Big Show, The Great Khali and Kofi Kingston.

Come on now. Should there be any discussion on this? If, in fact, Kane is going to be replaced, the obvious choice is Big Show.

Not that it matters in the long run. Kane was not expected to win the match, anyway, so we should not expect his replacement to do any different.

But if WWE needs a placeholder, then it might as well get someone who has an extremely good rapport with the WWE Universe.

So it should choose Big Show.

Do you really want to see Khali lumbering around the ring, moving with the speed of a glacier? WWE has to remember that MITB is being held in Philadelphia, and Philly crowds are among the most voracious sports crowds in the nation.

If they pay good money to see one of WWE’s crown-jewel pay-per-views and wind up seeing Khali in the main event, it is not going to be pretty. Remember that it was a Philly crowd that once booed Santa Claus.

Now, if someone in the SmackDown MITB match had gotten hurt, then Khali would have a better shot of getting in. But this is the main event of the night. I think it is a safe assumption to say that Khali will stay in the midcard where he belongs.

Kingston would be an interesting choice. He has the speed and the high-flying ability to put on a very good performance in the match.

But Kingston remains a booking enigma for WWE. No matter how he is booked—even during his recent midcard championship runs—it just does not live up to the pyrotechnics that introduce him each night to the arenas. He deserves a shot in the match, but he will not get it.

That leaves Big Show.

Show recently wrapped up one of the best runs of his entire career in WWE, a run that saw him win the World Heavyweight Championship, have a good feud with Sheamus and Randy Orton, and even stand up to The Shield.

He’s been off TV recently, which is a shame because he is a decent TV draw. What better way to make a triumphant return to television than in the main event of a top PPV. Plus, he will be sharing the spotlight with other top WWE stars, so it is not like he will be counted on to carry the main event, right?

Show also provides the “big man” factor in the match. With Kane involved in a storyline injury (which means he is ramping up to take on The Wyatt Family), WWE is replacing a big man with a big man.

The choice is clear. The choice is Big Show.


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