WWE Raw: Burning Questions That Must Be Answered for July 15

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 15, 2013


We know who won, we know who lost and some of us are still trying to pick our jaws up off the ground.

This was the best pay-per-view event of the year, hands down.

Kudos to the WWE for putting together such a great show when we all knew this would rock in terms of delivery and importance. And although we all expected it to be great, it was even better than expected.

Can you honestly say there was a bad match in the entire group? From start to finish, it was exciting and dramatic, and if you followed the event and Twitter, you heard many of the Bleacher Report columnists talk about storytelling and the greatness of each match.

Now, with problems solved and problems just being revealed, what happens next? Something tells me there will be three hours of Raw that will keep us pretty busy and excited and of course, wanting more.

While Randy Orton was an obvious choice for the All-Star Money in the Bank winner, Damien Sandow was not. But oh, does it thicken the pit for a confrontation with Cody Rhodes. While Orton will undoubtedly chase John Cena for the title and possibly turn heel, will we see the two confront each other Monday night?

More importantly, will Sandow and Rhodes confront each other? And does the title briefcase become the thing the two "best friends" fight over for a shot at Alberto Del Rio or whoever has the title when the moment is right?

AJ Lee cost Dolph Ziggler his chance at the World title. It was a sad, sad scene. Does this mean there is an end to the love affair that we all know and love? AJ has been known to mess up a few opportunities for the wrestlers here in the WWE. Also, does this mean Dolph and AJ verbally argue and Big E. Langston gets involved?

Stay tuned to this soap opera.

AJ kept her Divas title, but the story in this confrontation with Kaitlyn is too good to pass on right now. Does Kaitlyn get her title back? Can she overcome her former best friend? Does she become the "psycho" one trying to get her belt back? Does Layla somehow get involved in this and turn on Kaitlyn?

Where does Chris Jericho go from here? He has helped superstars get over again and again. Fandango, CM Punk (upon his return) and now Ryback. Ryback now can claim Vickie Guerrero as his manager and go kick Brad Maddox's ass.

Will Vickie show up on Monday night?

What will happen to Daniel Bryan? Has the momentum stopped? Can he continue to give us the greatest matches we have seen in a long time? Do he and Curtis Axel get into it or is that left to CM Punk after the vicious attack he received at the hands of Paul Heyman? Do the two indie wrestlers form an alliance of sorts, even thought both are better as lone wolves?

And will there be a Rob Van Dam appearance? There has to be. Could he and Daniel Bryan be a feud worth watching?

And of course, what happens to Mark Henry now that he has lost to John Cena?

So much to do, so much to see, so much to say. Looks like many questions need to be answered on Monday Night Raw.