WWE MITB 2013: Cody Rhodes Should Be in Line for a Face Push

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2013


Ever heard of a dark horse winning a marquee match in the WWE? Well, it does not happen very often. However, the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match surely gave us a winner that fit into that category.

None other than Damien Sandow.

Although Sandow has not had an impressive WWE career outside of a few months after his debut, the company obviously is willing to make an immediate investment in his future. So immediate, that according to the average Money in the Bank cash-in, he will be the world heavyweight champion within the next three months.

Is he ready? That can strongly be argued.

In the midst of this, another very important factor stemmed from this match. The well-deserved rise of Cody Rhodes. Without question, Rhodes was the MVP of this match, creating many memorable moments during his unfortunate loss. Not only did this put Rhodes back on the map, it garnered some support from the fans, appreciating his work during the match.

All those things are perfect ingredients for a babyface turn.

When Rhodes first debuted, he was a face, and it was as bland as bland can get. Despite the blandness, Rhodes managed to pick up a tag team title run with Hardcore Holly. Eventually, Rhodes turned on Holly to form a next generation tag team with a debuting Ted DiBiase.

Fast-forward to his mask gimmick against Rey Mysterio—by far the best moments of his career, even gaining a win at WrestleMania 27. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long, and he became a midcard staple.

That lasted until his intercontinental title run, when he defeated Ezekiel Jackson and kept it for almost eight months before losing it against the Big Show at WrestleMania 28, followed by winning it right back.

Other than his alliance with Sandow that was only hot for a brief moment, Rhodes has been mostly on the losing end of matches. For the past six years, Rhodes has certainly paid his dues to become a major player for the company, and he has all the tools to be a main event star.

A babyface turn would do the trick.

We have seen a small hint of dissension for the past couple of weeks between Rhodes and Sandow. With his impressive showing at MITB and Sandow tipping Rhodes off the ladder in order to grab the briefcase, this is a perfect opportunity to utilize Rhodes as a fan favorite, leading into a match with Sandow at SummerSlam.

As a face, Rhodes has what it takes to get the audience in his corner.

His CrossRhodes finishing move is a crowd favorite, and this could very well open up feuds with Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger and even revisiting an angle with the Big Show.

Rhodes should not transform into some cheesy, vanilla babyface and pander to the crowd. Instead, he can keep the mannerisms he has as a heel but gain more fans' adulation by competing against heels. It would be a fresh way to revive Rhodes' gimmick and possibly provide an inside track to a feud with Sandow in the future for the WHC.

Would you be in favor of a Cody Rhodes face turn? Sound off (civilly) below.


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