WWE News: Is Chris Jericho Set to Be Written off Tonight?

Gone Baby GoneContributerJuly 15, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Some bittersweet news coming from the Chris Jericho front, as it appears the hard-rocking wrestler will not be partaking in the WWE’s biggest pay-per-view of the summer.

With the SummerSlam roughly a month away, Monday night’s Raw should lay out the groundwork for several storylines for next month’s event.

That being said, the company has some big decisions to make in the upcoming weeks before SummerSlam. One of those decisions includes what to do with Chris Jericho. Simply put, Y2J is still technically a part-timer—who according to FozzyRock.com will be in the UK on August 18th, when the WWE is in California for SummerSlam.

So, that leaves one to believe that his WWE TV days are numbered and he very well could be written off as early as Monday night. Ultimately, that is probably the best option—especially since they are coming right off of Money in the Bank and there is no real need for him to stick around.

It should be noted, that Jericho appeared on SiriuxXM’s Busted Open radio program Monday afternoon and teased that he was going to be involved in a match on Raw that the fans should love. This tease could obviously mean one of many things. However, I’d like to think that there are only two options here: the first being that he has a dream opponent or that he will be getting a proper write off during the bout.

Either way, it should be something great—especially if Jericho is excited about it. In the end we will have to tune in tonight and see where this goes.