2013 Home Run Derby: Prince Fielder Shot Nearly Leaves Citi Field

Ely SussmanCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2013

Not a typo: Fielder's home run traveled 483 feet.
Not a typo: Fielder's home run traveled 483 feet.

Two-time Home Run Derby champion Prince Fielder wasted little time reminding us what happens when a batting practice fastball dares to intrude on the inner part of the plate.

He pulled his second bomb of the 2013 opening round deep to right, nearly out of Citi Field entirely (via SB Nation). It ultimately settled in one of the back rows of the Pepsi Porch, 483 feet from home plate.

Let's put that in perspective.

The ESPN Home Run Tracker measures every round-tripper hit in Major League Baseball. During the first half of this season, nobody in the league launched one farther than 475 feet.

Moreover, ESPN estimates that if Fielder's ball ever descended to field level, it would have landed 548 feet away from the point of impact (h/t Adam Warren):

Prince Fielder home run was unbelievable. Projected at 548

— Alex Warren (@AlexWar23) July 16, 2013

Sandy Guerrero, a longtime coach in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, deserves plenty of credit. He threw meatballs to the All-Star first baseman during both of Fielder's previous derby victories (2009 and 2012). The two originally met in 2004 when Guerrero was his hitting coach on the Double-A Huntsville Stars.

Unfortunately, they'll need to wait at least another year to capture another title. Fielder's first-round total of five wasn't enough to crack the top four and advance.