Kevin Durant Has a Bad Habit of Farting While Getting a Massage

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2013

A massage is supposed to be a relaxing release of tension, but for Kevin Durant, it seems he needs more than just taking it easy. There's some gas that needs to escape as well.

Durant was getting a rub-down in Taiwan and suddenly realized that he needed to fart (h/t to for digging up the tweets).

This isn't the first time he's reached out to his followers for some advice on what to do in that situation. He sent out a similar tweet back in 2010.

The best words of wisdom I would give him are to just go for it. If you're paying somebody to help ease muscle tension, the expectation is complete relaxation. It's the same thing as a big, satisfied burp following a delicious meal.

Sure, it may be a bit rude in a public setting, but isn't a mid-massage passing of gas just a sign of a job well done?

Plus, he's getting work done by a professional masseuse. Odds are she's had to deal with much worse than a bit of gas from a giant basketball player.

There's another problem here that we need to talk about. What exactly is Durant doing tweeting during a massage?

Sure, Durant might think that he's in a bit of a crisis situation, but a massage is supposed to be a release from the pressure and tension of the rest of the world. Shouldn't that include not texting, tweeting and playing Doodle Jump for an hour?

Just lay down on the massage table, close your eyes and whatever may happen, just let it out.