Alabama Players Forced to Watch Texas A&M Game While Working out

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 16, 2013

It seems Nick Saban is doing some summer trolling to get the most out of his players. (h/t Taylor Travis) caught a glimpse of the latest happenings in the Alabama weight room, which is apparently quite the scene. 

The following picture shows players who have to work out with the Texas A&M game playing and the Aggies logo hanging over the equipment. 

I am guessing a few extra reps were delivered. 

As most college football fans remember and all Alabama faithful will never forget, Texas A&M managed to derail the Crimson Tide train on November 10 when it handed them their only loss of the season, 29-24. 

In the end, the defeat didn't matter because Alabama would go onto win the BCS Championship in a nationally televised beatdown of Notre Dame, 42-14. 

Sure, the sting of one defeat might still hurt, but you have to think raising another title would erase any lasting effects from that fateful day in Tuscaloosa. 

Well, the coaches are working hard to find clever ways to make sure their young players don't forget their trip to College Station and a rematch with their budding rival. 

In some respects, Alabama players just can't get those annoying Aggies out of their heads—at least that is what seems to be at the heart of this gym ploy. 

As for Texas A&M, it is currently locked into Johnny Manziel watch as the Heisman winner continues to answer for his early departure from Peyton Manning's football camp. 

The Broncos star came to his defense, and Manziel's father stated his son left because of dehydration. For his part, the 20-year-old apologized to coaches for any wrongdoing he might have done. 

Both the gym antics and incessant scrutiny surrounding Manziel may just be silly peripherals heading into the opening game. Still, it seems fans, players and coaches are itching to get this thing started. 

Alabama has its game on September 14 circled, highlighted and carved in stone.

Something tells me it will be worth watching. 


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