Jay Glazer Weighs in on the NFL Players Most Likely to Succeed in the UFC

Damon MartinContributor IJuly 16, 2013

Beyond being an NFL insider and an MMA commentator for Fox Sports, Jay Glazer is also a top-level trainer who has conditioned athletes for both sports.

Glazer has worked with several high-profile fighters over the years, including UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, while also teaching many NFL players the benefits of an MMA-style training program to make them better in their own careers.

The Fox Sports reporter has brought several top-notch NFL players under his wing, including Green Bay Packers Pro Bowler Clay Matthews as well as Minnesota Vikings sack machine Jared Allen.

Bleacher Report's Ultimate Show recently caught up with Glazer at his home gym to ask which NFL players would be most likely to succeed if they ever actually tried their hand at fighting.

While it's a far step for any football player to try MMA (just as it would be for any MMA fighter to step on a football field), Glazer names a few who he believes could get in the cage and make it interesting.

Check out Glazer's list of the NFL's best MMA prospects and then leave your comments below. Who from the NFL would have the best shot at being successful in MMA?