Projecting When Chris Jericho Will Make His Next Return to the WWE

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 17, 2013

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Chris Jericho is off to be a rock star once again, and WWE fans will have to wait a number of months before they see him Lionsaulting again.

His match against Rob Van Dam on Monday's WWE Raw looks to be another temporary swan song. If that is indeed the case, kudos to him for going out in style. That battle was one of the highlights of the show, and its entertainment belied the two foes' ages.

In what's become a tradition over the last few years, Jericho will leave WWE to go on our tour with his band Fozzy. Jericho confirmed his latest rumored exit on Wednesday via Twitter.

For those who dig Fozzy's music and who live near the cities the rock group is heading toward in the next few months, the operative question will be, "How do I score tickets?" Fozzy fans in Kufstein, Austria rejoice! For the rest of us, when Y2J will make his in-ring return is the most important Jericho-related question.

For the answer, look first to the schedule. The band's website lists dates for Fozzy shows until October 10 when the "Sacrifice and Sin" tour ends in Vancouver.

That is right after Over the Limit, which is on October 6. If Jericho were to jump back into the ring right after that, WWE would have some time to build up for a match for him at Hell in a Cell on October 27 but not a ton of it.

A Jericho match without much buildup would likely still be great, but WWE may want to be more patient.

Additionally, even with as much energy as Jericho seems to have, we can't assume that he'll want to immediately go from touring the country to perform for Fozzy to doing the same for WWE. A man needs his down time—even a man in as high demand as Jericho.

With one of the company's biggest pay-per-views coming in November, that would be a logical spot to hype a Jericho return match.

Survivor Series is in Boston, MA this year on November 24. Even if he were to return on a Monday night a few weeks before that show, that gives Jericho plenty of time to recuperate from rocking out before he gets back to being a Superstar.

It also allows WWE more freedom in terms of telling his story leading into that match.

He can demand a rematch against Ryback, who beat him at Money in the Bank. He can look to take on Bray Wyatt. Alternatively, WWE can throw him into a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag match. That's an easy way to get him in the mix while adding star power to the event.

Jerichoholics won't enjoy waiting until near Thanksgiving to see The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, but it beats waiting two years for him like we did in 2005-2007. Judging by Jericho’s farewell tweet and the energy he's shown in the ring this year, we can assume that his love for pro wrestling hasn't waned.

Expect him back before too long—an early Christmas present for WWE fans.