Kansas' Andrew Wiggins Honored as HS Athlete of the Year at ESPYS, Debuts Jersey

Brett GeringCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2013

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Kansas Jayhawks media magnet Andrew Wiggins hasn't (officially) recorded his first dribble at Allen Fieldhouse, but he's already treated as a bona fide franchise savior for a lucky but loathsome NBA squad.

Cameras swarm him like a beehive that played victim to a Travis Barker drum solo. 

The past week was no different. 

Wiggins posed while debuting his Kansas jersey, received the 2012-13 Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year award and dished on some hard-court hypotheticals.


Jayhawks Jersey

KU Bookstore's 2013-14 fiscal strategy: print No. 22 on everything in sight and collect enough money to make the IRS blush. 

To no surprise, Wiggins has chosen to rock the same number he popularized at Huntington Prep.

Kansas officially premiered the up-and-comer's jersey via Twitter: 

This is the scene where starving students weigh the pros and cons between a jersey and basic life necessities. (If your decision ends with "Losing a few pounds couldn't hurt," you're a week away from discovering that regret has a taste.)

Loser: Marcus Morris.

Winner: ramen noodle investors. 


Award Tour

Alongside female recipient Morgan Andrews (pictured), Wiggins was honored as the male Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year on Tuesday.

As USA Today's Chad Konecky details in the above video, the Canadian star notched 22 double-doubles in 33 contests while flaunting a 3.35 GPA this past season. 

According to Rustin Dodd of The Kansas City Star, both Wiggins and Andrews will be "featured as special guests" at the ESPYs on Wednesday. 


Hoop Dreams

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Wiggins' answers throughout two particular interviews have snowballed into countless headlines. 

When Rivals caught up to the rising star, a smiling Wiggins talked about the collective welcoming from Jayhawks—current and former—and recounted his first phone call with Bill Self after the freshman announced his commitment.

When asked which NBA player he would most like to match up against, Wiggins singled out the Black Mamba.

EsNews also conducted a brief questionnaire that revealed Wiggins' favorite player of all time is...Allen Iverson(?).

"The Answer" was known just as much for his questionable off-court decision-making as he was for the patented crossover that snapped ankles like Slim Jims. By all accounts, Wiggins is a humble highflier with a steady head—a long shot from Iverson's reputation.

Regardless, in the city of Toronto, those tidbits won't be the ones springing the string of contagious retweets.

When future draftees are cornered with questions about their ideal landing spots, they normally detour down the politically correct route and offer a vague reply. 

However, the Toronto native didn't flinch while choosing his hometown Raptors. 

Rudy Gay trade talks commencing in three...two...


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