Jadeveon Clowney Not Voted First-Team All-SEC by 20 SEC Media Members

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJuly 18, 2013

Just when you think you've seen it all...apparently some people think there's a better defensive end in the SEC than Jadeveon Clowney.

With SEC media days coming to a close, writers end the day by predicting how the standings will shape up and who will be named All-SEC. The predictions don't hold much weight and are usually thrown away at the halfway point, much like an NCAA bracket.

But some people treat this time of year as a chance to be oddballs or black sheep—or in this case, to be simply insane. They don't want to pick the players or teams everybody else is picking.

This year, the madness reached new levels, as Barrett Sallee of Bleacher Report announced:

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a real tweet, and unfortunately, 20 people out of 243 felt the need to be different.

Where do they find these folks? What did Clowney do to deserve such disrespect? Did a bunch of Michigan writers make their way to Alabama in hopes of getting him back for the hit?

This goes beyond the one writer who picked Carmelo Anthony over LeBron James for the MVP Award. Never mind the person last year at SEC media days who picked Ole Miss to win the Western Division. This tops all of those incidents and is even worse, as 20 people jumped in the same boat.

ESPN Stats and Info tweeted an interesting nugget:

Well, Clowney should have been the second player.

Clowney making first-team All-SEC is something everybody should have agreed on unanimously from the beginning. Actually, it shouldn't have even been a question. It's close to a guarantee, like the Chicago Cubs not playing in the World Series or Tony Romo choking in an NFL playoff game. It's something you simply assume is going to happen.

Last year's SEC Defensive Player of the Year is by far the best defensive end in the country. Many also believe he is the best overall player in college football.

Whichever side of the fence you're on, almost everyone could agree Clowney deserves to be considered first-team All-SECwell, except for 20 people in a room who decided to distance themselves from reality.