Aaron Murray Responds to Jadeveon Clowney, QB Says He Likes Being Hit

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJuly 18, 2013

South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney has woken up all of the quarterbacks he called out on Tuesday during SEC Media Days. The defensive end insisted that a few SEC quarterbacks were scared of him, including Georgia's Aaron Murray.

Choosing his words carefully on Thursday, the Bulldogs' quarterback dished out a classy response to last year's SEC Defensive Player of the Year, per Tony Barnhart of CBS Sports.

Clowney sees Murray staring at him and interprets that as a sign of fear, while Murray sees it as a sign of respect. When playing against Clowney, it is important to know his whereabouts at all times to avoid getting blown up by a player who many consider a freak of nature.

However, don't believe that Murray is scared of getting hit. He told Seth Emerson of The Macon Telegraph that he actually enjoys the physical play.

That's a first. Not sure a quarterback has ever admitted that he "enjoys" getting hit. Not having a problem taking a shot in the chops is one thing, but enjoying peeling yourself off the field is another.

However, this is about as close to a response as Clowney is going to get. If he's hoping to start a verbal back-and-forth, he must pick on somebody his own size. Murray learned his lesson in a high school game and has never opened his mouth again, per Mark Schlabach:

Murray is way too important to the Bulldogs' success to test karma yet again. Sorry, Clowney, Murray will continue to handle those jabs with kindness and a smile.

But even if Murray was afraid of Clowney, do you blame him? Even Georgia head coach Mark Richt told the Red and Black that he would be terrified if he shared the same field with the defensive end.

Georgia tight end Arthur Lynch also commented on Clowney and defended his quarterback. Still, it wasn't exactly a response that matched the aggressiveness of Clowney's barb, per Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Murray certainly picked the right person to fear.