Liverpool Transfer News: Brendan Rodgers Reiterates Desire to Keep Luis Suarez

Eric Guy@whoisericguyCorrespondent IIIJuly 18, 2013

Would it be wise for Liverpool to keep Suarez?
Would it be wise for Liverpool to keep Suarez?Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It looks as if Luis Suarez might be staying pat with Liverpool. At least that’s what manager Brendan Rodgers thinks.

Per BBC News, Rodgers has reiterated that the 26-year-old striker will be remaining with the side for the foreseeable future:

Luis Suarez is a wonderful player and he is still very much a Liverpool player.

Luis is a very important member of this squad and I am looking forward to working with him again this season after he had such a fantastic season last term.

However, Rodgers went on to say that Suarez will remain with the side unless "something drastic happens."

No doubt, Rodgers' sentiment is somewhat hard to believe. Remember, some time ago, Suarez himself professed to Uruguayan radio station Radio sport 890, via BBC News, that a move to Real Madrid would be "difficult to say no to."

In that same interview, Suarez went as far as to say that he and his family aren't "prepared to continue suffering at the hands of the English journalists."

Some, like Sky Sports' Daniel Storey, feel a move might be best for both sides:

Although we have heard a multitude of stories about whether Suarez should stay or not, some fans feel it's best to just cut ties with the Uruguayan striker all together.

Certainly, if the Reds were to ship Suarez, his production would unquestionably be difficult to replace. During the last Premier League campaign, Suarez scored 23 goals.

Suarez's absence would make life harder for Steven Gerrard—who scored 9 goals during the EPL season—and young striker Daniel Sturridge to produce for a youthful Liverpool squad.

Suarez possesses the ability to be able to find space whenever he wants. When Suarez is on the field, defenders have to pay close attention to him, which in turn lessens the defensive pressure applied to everyone else.  

Therefore, that type of productivity justifies why Rodgers wants to keep Suarez.  

Although it may seem that Suarez would be too big of a loss for Liverpool, anything can happen.

Surely, if the past couple of months have been any indication, this situation is far from over. 

We'll just have to wait and see as the story continues to unfold.