Breaking Down Top 2015 QBs on The Opening 2014 Watch List

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJuly 19, 2013

Josh Rosen via 247Sports
Josh Rosen via 247Sports

Over the course of the past week, has been putting out watch lists for every position that will be considered for The Opening 2014. So far, we've gotten an inside look at some of the best offensive linemen, running backs and wide receivers the 2015 class has to offer.

As these watch lists have come out, we here at the Signed, Sealed, Delivered blog have been breaking them down and highlighting a few of the notable names on each list. Check out the offensive linemen here and the running backs and wideouts here. recently released the quarterbacks. Here's our take on the three biggest names on the list.


Josh Rosen, 5-star Pro-Style QB, Saint John Bosco High School (Calif.)

Rosen is the top pro-style quarterback, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. At 6'3.5'', 200 pounds, he has great size for a rising junior signal-caller, and he runs a 4.55 40, per 247Sports.

He has a good arm and great fundamentals. Rosen is a natural passer with great footwork, poise and accuracy. He has a fluid throwing motion, steps into his throw and has a strong short-to-intermediate ball.

His long ball looks effortlesscredit the fundamentals—and he throws it with great touch and loft. Rosen can also throw on the run. 

In a recent phone interview with B/R, Rosen named Stanford, Cal and UCLA as schools that are sticking out for him. He's yet to receive an offer from Stanford, but he recently received an offer from USC, according to Blair Angulo of 


Ricky Town, 5-star Pro-Style QB, Saint Bonaventure High School (Calif.)

Mobility is the name of the game for Town. He's not incredibly fast, but he's certainly mobile. He does a great job of feeling pressure and moving around in the pocket. He can also take a bootleg or sprint-out play and throw on the run. Basically, the more he's moving out of the pocket, the better he is.

Town has an extremely strong arm and elite potential in the right system.

His 247Sports interest list features Alabama, Georgia and Texas on top. 


Kyler Murray, 4-star Dual-Threat QB, Allen High School (Texas)

Murray is the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback, per the 247Sports composite rankings. 

He's a fast runner with quick feet and good field vision. Murray can cut and change his running lane, and he has a great stutter step. He hits the hole hard and can outrun defenders to the end zone.

He keeps his eyes downfield and can escape pressure. He'll make a defense pay for not keeping contain. 

As a passer, Murray can make the throws asked of him when he's in the pocket, and he can throw on the run. He can get the ball over deep coverage and has a great intermediate throw.

Texas A&M is the top team on his 247Sports interest list, followed by Clemson, Ohio State, Texas, Texas Tech and Florida.  

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