Every Dodger Has New Beats by Dre Headphones Thanks to Super Awesome Matt Kemp

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 18, 2013

In an odd turn, Matt Kemp's 2013 season has been as much about goodwill and generosity as it has been about injuries and lackluster performances at the plate. 

With yet another kind gesture, we have to think Kemp's off-the-field manner will outshine anything he delivers on the field this season, as he just purchased some expensive headphones for all of his teammates. 

Yahoo! Sports' Mike Oz reports the star Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder gifted each of his fellow colleagues $250 Beats by Dre headphones. 

The company's Instagram feed posted this picture last week with a caption that read, "When he can't share his gifts on the field, @bmdc27 has some for his teammates in the locker room."

Oz did the calculations and came up with a whopping $6,250 for Kemp's latest show of kindness. Sure, it's a drop in a large bucket when you consider the millions the slugger is making, but it's not about that. 

Kemp's latest stint on the DL came when he suffered pain in his shoulder, which was no doubt less severe than the frustration he felt. The 28-year-old, who had been mired in a season-long slump, was 4-for-10 with two home runs in the games leading up to his latest injury. 

Perhaps this was just a way for Kemp to tip his hat to his teammates, who continue the charge and found themselves just 2.5 games out of first place heading into the All-Star break. 

Then again, this just might be who Kemp is—a guy who gives because he rather likes the feeling. As Oz reminds and Dodgers fans will never forget, Kemp famously took off his jersey and cleats for a fan watching him play earlier in the season at AT&T Park

That fan, Joshua Jones, is a terminally ill patient and a giant supporter of the Dodgers. Not satisfied with a passing moment, Kemp invited Jones to Dodger Stadium for a game in late May. 

When tornadoes ravaged portions of Oklahoma in May, Kemp donated $250,000 to the relief effort. 

So the headphones are really just a small gesture from a big man—one who is in the midst of his most confounding season on the field. Lesser men might let the frustration get to them and take it out on those around them. Instead, Kemp embraces the only aspect he can control: how he treats others. 

If we are judging by that criteria alone, Kemp is an All-Star-caliber player in 2013. 


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