Tim Tebow Would Be Excellent Mentor for Johnny Manziel

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2013

Johnny Manziel needs Tim Tebow.

According to Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, Tebow has reached out to Manziel, leaving a telephone message, but the two of them haven't yet spoken:

There's been some miscommunication ... and I haven't talked to him personally, but I really would like to get a chance to. Tebow's a guy I really look up to. He's an SEC legend. I hope I can reach the level and do what he did at Florida

Since breaking out with his Heisman Trophy winning season, Manziel has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

Attending a seemingly endless supply of parties, Manziel, who is still just 20 years old, has been seen at many a local watering hole, including a bar called Bubbas, as shown by Reagan Langford on Twitter:

Interestingly enough, this picture was tweeted out during the time that A.J. McCarron and Manziel were both at the Manning Passing Academy, though Manziel has staunchly denied any suggestion he was hung over the morning he failed to show up to camp.

In an interview with ESPN's SportsCenter, Manziel chalked up his behavior this summer to the fact that he's just a normal, 20-year-old college student, as noted by Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith:

I’m still 20 years old, I’m still a sophomore in college, I’m still going to do things that everybody in college does, and I’m going to continue to enjoy my life. Hopefully people don’t hold me to a higher standard than that.

The Aggies quarterback appears to be extremely naive about what people expect from him. 

Whether he likes it or not, Manziel is going to be held to a different standard than the average college student. He's a veritable superstar, and not only do fans expect him to act like a leader on the field, they hope he'll work his tail off to continue building his legacy.

But since he won the Heisman and the Cotton Bowl early this past winter, Manziel seems to be spending more time galavanting around the country than he has with his teammates in the gym at College Station. 

Tebow was a formidable leader for the Florida Gators during his career. He was always a guy who took every possible extra measure to ensure he did what he could to help his team win. 

He'd likely advise Manziel to be just as publicly involved with his teammates as he's been with his social life this past spring. 

Tebow is also a man who knows what being in the spotlight is all about. 

The former Heisman winner hasn't been able to go to McDonald's without a television crew following him around like a lost puppy since his freshman year at Florida. He understands what it takes to thrive under the circumstances surrounding Manziel right now, and he could offer some much-needed help. 

While it's too early to judge Manziel for what he may or may not do this upcoming season, you can be sure he'll face relentless criticism if he doesn't match last year's accomplishments. He's put himself in this situation, as the perception will be that he didn't give his all for his team this offseason. 

Aligning himself with Tebow at this time would help assuage this perception, and he would undoubtedly get some solid advice in the process. 


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