WWE 2K14: Additions That Make This a Must-Own Game

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2013

Photo via 2KSports
Photo via 2KSports

The release of WWE 2K14, the latest installment in the wrestling company’s video game series, is scheduled for Oct. 29, 2013, and the excitement is through the roof about the new changes to the franchise.

With the addition of 2K Sports as the game developer, per the company’s official website, the WWE series is expected to make leaps and bounds in terms of gameplay and features.

The excitement from the wrestling community about the innovations brought in by a major company like 2K Sports will make this game an instant classic. These are the additions fans are excited about.


The Ultimate Warrior is Back

For the first time since the WWE video games became a series, WWE 2K14 will feature the legendary Ultimate Warrior, per the company’s YouTube page.

While Warrior is only available to fans that pre-order the game—and likely added as a downloadable character that the rest will have to pay for later—having a chance to play as the fan favorite with authentic attire and moveset will have genuine wrestling fans excited.

The tension between the Ultimate Warrior and the WWE has been well documented, acknowledged in the WWE.com interview with the superstar. But to open up the amazing character to a new generation of fans is a great way to bury the hatchet.

The hope now is that the fans that enjoy playing as the Ultimate Warrior will get to finally see him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Until then, controlling the character in WWE 2K14 will have to suffice.


The Macho Man is in the Building

Another superstar that has been stifled by the WWE in the video games is Macho Man Randy Savage. But WWE 2K14 has officially added him to the roster for all wrestling fans to enjoy.

With some of the most colorful attires, a legendary song and entrance and a moveset that would make any fan with the desire for nostalgia excited for this year’s game, there is little doubt that many wrestling marks will be swayed to buy this game because of Macho Man.

Savage was another WWE Superstar who reportedly had trouble with the company, per Rajah.com. But after watching McMahon patch things up with veterans like Bruno Sammartino and the Ultimate Warrior, maybe the next step is a Macho Man induction into the Hall of Fame.

While we wait for his deserved induction, the video game allows the fans to craft dream feuds with the legend.


Gameplay Improvements

Last year’s edition of the WWE franchise was a step in the right direction, but the addition of the 2K Sports team to the series and the innovations the company has mastered will turn the WWE 2K series into something fans find flat-out amazing.

Not only have the developers made fundamental improvements to character navigation, basic striking and the reversal system, but 2K Sports has also added catapult finishers and incorporated more OMG Moments into the 2014 edition of the game, per Aubrey Sitterson on the company’s official website.

The biggest improvement is the two-count bug fix that should add much more intrigue to the gameplay. With last year’s failure in one of the most interesting aspects of the games—kicking out at the last second is what makes wrestling great—there are high expectations for the upgrades.

With 2K Sports’ track record, this should be an excellent title.


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