Miesha Tate Hilariously Swats Advances of Popular College Basketball Team

Scott HarrisMMA Lead WriterJuly 23, 2013

If you think Miesha Tate is a villainess with MMA fans, you should see her approval ratings in the locker rooms over at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Yep, the group in question would be the very same FGCU Eagles "Dunk City" basketball squad that alley-ooped to national popularity and a Sweet 16 berth in this year's NCAA men's tournament.

Fresh off of their huge ESPY win for the year's biggest upset, the Eagles were apparently feeling their oats, or whatever excited eagles feel, when they encountered the UFC women's bantamweight contender. Following an on-camera interview with YouTube channel ESNews (h/t MMAJunkie.com), Tate found herself squarely in the sights of what appears to be most, if not all, of the FGCU roster. Why don't we take a look:

The best part is one player's attempt to woo her by proclaiming—twice, just to be sure Tate and the boom mic operator picked it up—that he'd "love to take a piece of that." Shellacked grin unwavering, Tate responded by saying he "wouldn't remember it." Because she suspected them to be intoxicated, you see. Or maybe because she would knock them out cold, thereby damaging their short-term memory. I'm actually not sure. Either way, though, RE-jected.

Personally, there are two things I don't understand about this. First, that a person would ever formulate the phrase "I would love to take a piece of that," verbally or mentally. Second, that a person would say it while making direct eye contact with the object of said comment, as if he were reciting Yeats or the magic words to some kind of Internet-guaranteed Spanish Fly spell. 

Hey, maybe that line works just fine on the white-sand beaches of Dunk City. But it's apparently a different ballgame when you're out in the real world and addressing a woman who not only fights people for money, but also has no earthly idea who you are.

Tate has garnered herself plenty of attention and fans across the fight community and beyond for a rock-solid fight career and her sharp-tongued rivalry with MMA golden girl Ronda Rousey. And also for being physically attractive.

No word on Bryan Caraway's whereabouts during the incident.