WWE Raw Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for July 29

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

In a one-week break from live action, WWE presents Monday Night Raw was taped for the July 29, 2013, edition. This provides us with the rare opportunity to report spoilers for Raw.

For those who don't want to know what will transpire on Monday, July 29, do not read any further.

This show provided no shortage of thrills, as title pictures became clearer and the mercurial Vince McMahon made an appearance, going face-to-face with Daniel Bryan. Later in the evening, Bryan hit the ring to go toe-to-toe with Kane.

As we said, it was a wild evening.

The Shield took on Mark Henry and The Usos in a continuation of their budding rivalry, with nine other singles matches transpiring. That includes Rob Van Dam facing Fandango, Christian battling Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes clashing with Wade Barrett.

AJ Lee's love triangle came to a head, as Dolph Ziggler battled Big E Langston in singles action. That was preceded by a non-title defense and later followed by Brie Bella and Natalya meeting.

With WWE champion John Cena, World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio and Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel all in action, there's only one phrase that can be used to describe this one—star-studded.


Quick Results via WrestlingInc.com

  • Vince McMahon, Brad Maddox and Daniel Bryan met in the middle of the ring with microphones in hand. They hyped up Bryan's SummerSlam match against John Cena, which will be for the WWE Championship belt.
  • The Shield defeated Mark Henry and The Usos.
  • Rob Van Dam defeated Fandango via count out.
  • Kaitlyn defeated AJ Lee in a non-title match. Afterward, Dolph Ziggler emerged and challenged Big E Langston to a singles match.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E Langston via disqualification after AJ Lee interfered.
  • Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall in a non-title match.
  • Cody Rhodes defeated Wade Barrett. Damien Sandow came out to cut a promo after the match.
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Kane via pinfall. After the match, Kane chokeslammed Bryan. Moments later, Bray Wyatt and The Family made their way out from the back to viciously beat down The Big Red Machine.
  • Brie Bella defeated Natalya.
  • Curtis Axel defeated R-Truth after Paul Heyman cut a promo to hype him up. CM Punk hit the ring after the match to attack Axel.
  • John Cena defeated Ryback in a tables match. Daniel Bryan hit the ring after the match to hand Cena the WWE Championship and celebrate with him to send the show off.


What We Can't Wait to See: John Cena vs. Ryback in a Tables Match

This week's edition of Monday Night Raw has promise, as some of the top wrestlers in the WWE will be in action. Fan favorites will be out in full force, every champion on the roster has a match and countless feuds are set to continue raging on.

Through all of the commotion, nothing has caught our attention more than the tables match main event between John Cena and Ryback.

Forgive me for enjoying the fact that there's a stipulation match on Monday Night Raw, but it's rare that we get to see tables brought into the ring. With two of the most powerful wrestlers in the WWE squaring off, there's a high probability that we see a bone-shattering finish to the match.

I'll let you stop mixing a cringe with a cry of joy before we carry on.

Cena and Ryback have a long history together, as they feuded over the WWE Championship in recent months. The common theme in each of their matches was the fact that both men were left battered and bruised once the dust had settled.

We're inclined to believe that this week's clash was no different.

Other matches we can't wait to see include Christian facing Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel meeting R-Truth and Cody Rhodes battling Wade Barrett. All three promise to be entertaining bouts, as six of the WWE's best clash with momentum on the line.

One familiar face wouldn't miss those matches for the world.

Timeless fans are just as important to the quality of a match as the wrestlers.

With storylines to develop and feuds to explain, there was a mountain of pressure on the WWE entering this week's edition. Upon a deep evaluation of the spoilers, it appears as if the July 29, 2013, edition of Monday Night Raw will live up to the hype.

No matter how strange it may be to see Raw taped.