Scott Hall Moves Out of DDP "Accountability Crib"

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2013

It has been well publicized that Scott Hall has battled personal demons for quite some time now. Although being one of the best midcard Superstars in wrestling history, his internal battles of late have been eclipsing his memorable wrestling career.

Ever since his WWE-resurrected nWo run in 2002, Hall experienced a downward spiral, never managing to bounce back successfully. He attempted a wrestling return to TNA a few times, but was so out of shape that he had to wear an Elvis suit during his matches. Hall wasted another opportunity from TNA to help out his career in 2007, no-showing a scheduled match at Turning Point.

The World Wrestling Council (WWC) even gave him a chance to revive his career, being crowned the WWC Universal World Heavyweight Championship. However, Hall once again no-showed events, and his run in the company was over after just a few months.

One of the most notable moments within the past few years was an incident in the spring of 2011. After being admitted to the hospital due to a drug overdose the night before, Hall appeared at the 30th Anniversary of indy promotion Top Rope Promotions badly affected by his drug abuse. He stumbled to the ring, fell like a tree trunk while getting punched, and nearly fell after doing his 360 Punch. After the match, he was carried out to the back.

Many people, most importantly close family and friends, were severely concerned about Hall's life, feeling as if he would unfortunately be another pro wrestling casualty due to drug abuse.

Despite the genuine concern, Diamond Dallas Page had hope.

Earlier this year, Hall became the second notable wrestler to move in with DDP—along with Jake Roberts—in an attempt to totally revolutionize their current state. However, the first big challenge for Hall was to undergo major hip surgery, for which he needed to raise $80,000. The pro wrestling universe collectively showed their support for Hall and exceed that goal by nearly $30,000. Since then, the stay with Page has benefited Hall, as he has lost weight, gained his confidence back and commenced a close relationship with his son Cody—a relationship that has publicly been noted as being nearly irreconcilably damaged.

On July 22, Scott Hall noted via Twitter that he is moving out of what DDP calls the "Accountability Crib," no longer being under Page's direct care. However, he and his son Cody are moving into an apartment in Atlanta, GA, still in close proximity to the home of DDP. 

The major hope is primarily for Hall to use this opportunity to the maximum potential. Many people do not have such overwhelming fan support to raise over $100,000 in the short time span that he did, so this is a chance for spiritual, physical and emotional wholeness.

This also may give Hall another opportunity for a job in the WWE. At 54, he would not be a candidate for another part or full-time wrestling career, but an entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble, as well as a WWE or NXT agent, are viable options.

Very best wishes, Scott Hall. My prayers are with you—make this one count.

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