World Games 2013 Schedule: Highlighting Important Dates for International Event

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 25, 2013

BAGSHOT, ENGLAND - AUGUST 04:  Chris Ashton (R) leads his team in a  game of tug o'war during the England training session held at the Pennyhill Park Hotel on August 4, 2011 in Bagshot, England.  (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)
David Rogers/Getty Images

The 2013 World Games begins on July 25 and culminates on August 4. During that span, over 4,000 athletes will compete in over 30 sports to be recognized individually as well as for their respective countries.

What separates the World Games from the Olympics and other more well-known international competitions?

The sports.

The events featured at the World Games are more diverse and less traditional. They are broken into the following six categories:

Click here to see the full schedule of events.

Some of the more interesting sports that you won't find in the Olympics or in other major international competitions are korfball and traditional tug of war.

Korfball is a mixed-gender event that evolved from basketball. Teams of four men and four women oppose each other with men from one team facing men from the other team and likewise with the female counterparts.

The game is designed to be the ultimate test of teamwork and doesn't involve dribbling. Nate Robinson would hate korfball. Here's a look at the sport in action:

Korfball play begins on August 2 at the 2013 World Games.

The Tug of War concept is something many of us are familiar with, but on a world-class level it is something different entirely. 

At the 2013 World Games, six men's teams will begin competition on July 27, while the women will compete in an indoor version of the event beginning on July 28. Perhaps there is no more simplistic theme to an event than that of the tug of war.

Very strong and strategic athletes will attempt to pull another team of strong and strategic athletes over a designated line to earn victory. Here's a look at the event from the 2009 World Games.

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