Faith Breaker: Michelle McCool Hate Is Fueled by Nonsense and Ignorance

AkDSenior Writer IMay 10, 2009

The state of WWE's diva division is a complete wreck. If you've ever wondered what a derailed train looked like, you should look at WWE's diva division. Gems the likes of Mickie James are covered to pursue some half baked angle involving Santino dressing up as a woman for the what?

The sake of entertainment?

Beth Phoenix is just getting tossed around and the once bright spot in the diva division looks pretty much done for Lord knows how long. Smackdown seems to be more flexible with their divas.

RAW can only do so much with the Bella twins (sorry, but they're useless together), Jillian Hall (Do I have to explain?), Kelly Kelly (Not ready yet), Beth Phoenix who's lost, and Rosa Mendes who I've yet to see in the ring.

There is one option left for Maryse; it's Mickie James.

Back to SmackDown: They have Maria, Layla, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, Candice Michelle, Alicia Fox, Melina and Michelle McCool. SD!'s diva division may be no better than RAW's, we've got to keep that in mind.

In a period where the divas division is a pretty much next to nothing, we should at least be cognizant of the talent withering there. Melina, Maryse, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, and even Maria of all people are mentioned as the best of the bunch. One name almost always left out is Michelle McCool.

I've come to question myself as well as many to why?

She often gets flak due to her relationship with the Undertaker similar to Triple H for his relationship to Stephanie McMahon. Just about every other diva gains acceptance, but the McCool fans are on a very...very small boat. Here we have one of the hardest working divas in the division and hatred is always behind her.

Rancorous and disdainful comments and statements are posted about her in articles, forums, even the WWE Universe itself. It's dead right ridiculous how she's judged when 99.9 percent of the vindictive people don't know anything about her other than:

1) Her name

2) Her relationship to Undertaker

If those two things are enough to solely judge a wrestler or diva then something is terribly wrong. I've come across names unwarranted names such as McCunt, McTaker, McSlut, and a whole lot more that are too insulting and disgusting. I've challenged many to debates and they all complain about her endless push.

What push?

She's only had one title reign.

At this point it's clear that the hatred for her is fabricated, nonsensical, bias, and even illogical.

She was the first Divas champion and she did quite well with the belt. She, unlike the now comedy for five minutes Beth Phoenix, have gotten heat as a heel diva. Maryse is the only other heel diva at the moment who garners enough heat. McCool plays her part well and is dominant in the ring.

People complain that other divas are better than her and are more deserving, but I could only see Mickie James and Natalya as equal to better wrestlers—yes I said wrestlers, this isn't a beauty competition get over it. Maryse is great, but she mostly hits, slaps and kicks, McCool is versatile.

She held her own and out wrestled Gail Kim in their latest match. I ask once more, what is this flak generating from? If she can wrestle, then her relationship with the Undertaker must be the cause of this hatred. What is the cause?

Maybe she isn't beautiful enough.

Maybe she isn't doing splits like Melina and wearing playboy bunny ears like Maria.

Is it because she lacks the dancing skills of Layla and Eve Torres?

Is it because she doesn't have Go Daddy commercials like Candice Michelle?

Is it because she didn't root from the Hart Family dungeon like Natalya?

Is it because she isn't French or doesn't have an accent to go along with her beauty like Maryse?

I guess she lacks all those things; I'm sorry that she's much more than a dolled up glitter diva princess. Michelle McCool is just your ordinary wrestler. She's just an ordinary Floridian. Who exactly is Michelle McCool?

McCool first participated in WWE's first Diva Search competition in 2004. She was the fourth woman eliminated, but WWE saw promise in the young McCool who was 24 at the time. She was signed to a three year contract with WWE in 2004. She soon became a face in the locker room and pissed off divas the likes of Dawn Marie, who challenged McCool who had never been in action, to an inter gender tag match.

McCool has came a long way from her first match. After Dawn Marie, McCool found herself in a feud with the original MNM after defending Heindenreich after Melina, Joey Mercury, and Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) insulted him. They got into a tussle one night. This resulted in a feud.

The feud would end after just one match. Melina ordered Mercury and Nitro to hit her with the snapshot, their finisher after the match. McCool was absent from television for almost a year. She was shipped down to then WWE territory DSW (Deep South Wrestling).

She developed her skills there and feuded with Angel Love, who is known today as TNA's Angelina Love of the Beautiful People faction. Her time in DSW was cut short when she was hospitalized after taking prescribed medication.

She was out of action for several weeks and was shipped to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), another territory WWE worked with. She managed K.C. James there. In 2006, she returned to WWE with a hot teacher gimmick and McCool's new journey had begun.

She defeated Jillian Hall in her first singles match back on television and went on feuding with Ashley Massaro. She managed the tag team of K.C James and Idol Stevens—The Teacher's Pets. They eventually got a tag team title shot at Paul London and Brian Kendrick for the WWE tag titles at No Mercy in October.

They lost and McCool was once again sidelined.

In November of 2006, Michelle McCool was hospitalized with a broken sternum, an enlarged kidney, and an electrolyte imbalance all from an eating disorder. She was released from the hospital a few days later, but didn't see action again until March of 2007.

McCool was poised and back on track in 2007. She was a face again and had programs with Jillian Hall, Ashley Massaro, and Chuck Palumbo. She engaged in a love triangle program with Chuck Palumbo and Jamie Noble then moved on in a series of competitions in determining SmackDown's top diva.

McCool ultimately won the competition and was crowned SmackDown's top diva. McCool would sustain more injuries in the forms of two broken ribs, a broken sternum (again) and a broken xiphoid, all in one overseas match against Victoria during a European tour.

Michelle McCool would not stay down; she didn't want to miss out similar to Ken Kennedy—she kept going. SmackDown's surface began to change with the rise of Maryse and the debuting Natalya. "Golden Dreams" matches were held to determine who would wrestle for the the right to be crowned the first ever Divas champion.

McCool won the second Golden Dreams match to wrestle for the belt. Michelle McCool defeated Natalya at the Great American Bash and followed up with a backstage interview. Michelle McCool was proving all her doubters wrong showing she could hang with the best.

Her match with Natalya caught the eyes of many and showed promise in the young ex-teacher McCool.

Yes, she was actually a teacher. McCool earned her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in Florida State University. Michelle McCool is an educator. Back to the match, she held her own against Natalya Neidhart—a second generation diva who has graduated from the Hart Family Dungeon, a place where many of the greats such as Chris Benoit, the Harts, and even up and coming stars like Tyson Kidd have graduated from.

McCool earned that Divas title, her relationship to Undertaker had nothing to do with it.

Victoria was on her way out of the company and so was Torrie Wilson. Natalya had just debuted and Maryse was just coming around. McCool had been toughing it out for three years battling injuries and going against the grain. Even in the rises of more popular divas like Ashley Massaro, Beth Phoenix, Maryse Ouellet, she still stood her ground and continued to wrestle.

The belt was bestowed upon her for dedication and commitment. You wouldn't believe how far she's come from her first match. She was once a lost puppy in the ring, but found her way.

Where's the hate coming from?

Undertaker certainly wasn't there when she was in the hospital, he wasn't there in DSW, nor OVW. The disdain for this woman is nonsensical, illogical, and just a manifestation of ignorance. Triple H is no stranger to this. I'm no Triple H fan, but my dislike for him doesn't stem from his relationship with Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H is a future hall of famer. The man was in the Klique, formed Degeneration X, formed Evolution, which put Batista and Randy Orton on the map. He has paid his dues and made two huge stars in the process. He gave John Cena the rub at Wrestlemania 22 as well.

McCool gained heat with that Divas title and had a solid run. She added some prestige to it and ultimately lost it to Maryse, her heel rival. The WWE 2009 Draft has already taken place and Divas Champion Maryse was traded for Women's champion, Melina.

Mickie James and Michelle McCool are both the front runners to become the first ever Diva Grand Slam Champion, the first diva to have held both the Divas title and Women's title. Michelle McCool continues to get bashed and downtalked. When people are asked about the top divas in the company, McCool is one of the last names to be pulled up.

It's absurd that Divas the likes of Maria, Kelly Kelly, and even Candice Michelle are brought up before hers.

In 2008 Michelle McCoom took a huge heel turn and it's the best turn of her carreer. She gains great heat and wrestles better than Melina and is just as good as Beth Phoenix and Mickie James in the ring. She can tell a story and given her unresolved feud with Melina three years ago I have a feeling their fued will be diva feud of the year.

This isn't about a McCool push, but being cognizant of her abilities. I think it's time people wake up and realize the great talent right in front of their eyes. Like Triple H, she has paid dues and in no way, shape or form, deserves disdainful and bias remarks due to their relationships. She's hands down the best diva on SmackDown and is top three in the WWE, no doubt.

She was interviewed not too long ago and last year. Michelle spoke about legends, family, Christian faith, teaching, WWE divas, and even her near-death experience. You can view it here.

It's sickening to see and hear Michelle McCool's name get disrespected. She continues to work hard in the WWE and even blogs on her WWE Universe account, something many stars don't do. You can backtrack the careers of all of the current divas and none has had a jouney the likes of Michelle McCool. She's arguably the most improved Diva the WWE has ever seen. She's big enough to ignore the flak, she has faith in herself, so why can't we?

So, I ask again:

"Why do we dislike Michelle McCool?"


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