Luis Suarez Must Leave England to Advance His Career

Ryan TolmichCorrespondent IIJuly 25, 2013

Suarez and Liverpool haven't seen eye-to-eye all summer.
Suarez and Liverpool haven't seen eye-to-eye all summer.Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The day of reckoning appears to be nearing. Luis Suarez has played his hand. He wants out. He wants a change. He wants Champions League competition.

But most of all, he wants acceptance.

Unfortunately for El Pistolero, that is something that he will never find at Liverpool, or in England. He has been labeled a racist, a biter, a diver and a cheat. He has been ridiculed. He has been ostracized.

Most importantly, he has been labeled the bad guy.

This is what makes his potential move to Arsenal, as detailed here by Dominic King and Sami Mokbel of the Daily Mail. all the more confusing. While they offer him the Champions League qualification he desires, Arsenal cannot shield him from the constant harassment that he has earned from both the British media and public.

“I have suffered too much," said Suarez to Tim Rich of the Independent when asked why he wanted to leave Liverpool, the club that stood by him during times when few others could. "My daughter and wife have suffered. I am not prepared to put up with the English press any more.”

What Suarez doesn't seem to understand is that nothing changes if he completes his move to London.

The Liverpool fans that once loved him would hate him for his betrayal. The Arsenal supporters that once called for his head on a platter would cheer for the player, but never the man. In short, all Suarez would accomplish would be the addition of "traitor" to his long list of character flaws.

Suarez's need for change is understandable. He has worn out his welcome in England. His actions caught up with him, and his reputation has been effectively destroyed. No matter how many goals he puts in for any English team, he will always be the racist vampire that will only be remembered for wreaking havoc throughout England by playing the game the wrong way.

This is why Suarez needs to go—and go far away.

The most likely destination appears to be Madrid. The Spanish giants have never shied away from buying talent, no matter the cost. He could go to Italy, who have also brought in refugee Mario Balotelli after his own experience with English persecution. Finally, he could flee to Germany. His agent just so happens to be Pep Guardiola's brother, so a move to the European champions could be in the cards.

But it doesn't matter where Suarez goes—London, Spain, Uruguay, Antarctica. No matter where Luis Suarez runs, his actions will chase him. He has made his bed, and now he must lie in it. No matter where he rests his head, his troubles will chase him until he gives them a reason to stop.

Luis Suarez wants change? Let's start with Suarez the man.