Ronda Rousey Fan Tattoo Will Haunt Your Dreams and Feed on Your Soul

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 29, 2013

If you wondered whether Ronda Rousey was a bona fide A-list sports star, wonder no longer, because she now lives on in the form of a fan's ill-advised tattoo.

Guyism spotted a positively creepy homage to the UFC women's bantamweight champion, originally posted on MMA News' Facebook page.

If you don't care whether you have a good night's sleep or not, take a gander at the masterpiece below.

Guyism claims that this is some random fan's arm, but it looks to be a very pale leg. Not that any of that matters, because the important thing to take away from this is that someone actually thought it was a good idea.

Rousey, a beautiful woman and a remarkable fighter, is depicted as a quasi Garbage Pail Kid who has a Shannen Doherty thing going on with her eyes. It has to be pretty creepy to know someone adores you so much that he would go to such extremes to decorate (or mutilate) his body like this. 

If Rousey does catch wind of this tat, she should know it just means she has hit the big time. Every great athlete can look forward to a fan—or a few—getting permanent ink in his or her honor.

DailyPix reminds us that things could be worse, because you could have a Shaquille O'Neal Kazaam tattoo on your body.

Or you could have expounded on your love for all things Manning with this tattoo of the brothers enjoying a round of noogies, via Planet Radio.

One of my personal favorites is the Bubba Watson tattoo that has the golfer looking like a Mad Magazine caricature, via Golf WRX.

Some fans are content to buy a replica jersey or a poster featuring their favorite athlete. For the far more motivated, that won't do.

No, sometimes you just have to sit back and get a painfully awkward tattoo for the world to enjoy. A round of applause and tip of the hat to all you sports fans who can't help but lose your collective minds, because we certainly enjoy your ink.


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