Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston Will Steal Show from SummerSlam Main Events

Hector DiazAnalyst IJuly 30, 2013

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Pardon the cheesy headline.

But it's true, the tentative SummerSlam matchup between former World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler and former NXT champion—and Ziggler confidant—Big E. Langston will surprise many watching the pay-per-view come Sunday, August 18.

WWE is effectively attempting to raise the importance of all its talent during the summer, which is why you have Daniel Bryan, one of the most popular Superstars who had been aimlessly wandering the tag team division, going against the most polarizing Superstar in the WWE, John Cena.

The same goes for the feud between Cody Rhodes and former tag team partner—now Money in the Bank briefcase holder—Damien Sandow. Both competitors will leave the ring with more momentum than they had entering it since the stakes demand that both Superstars perform as equals instead of a one-sided match where the winner clearly looks to be the victor by the time their entrance music hits.

Though Ziggler has been well established in the WWE limelight for quite some time, Langston has not had much exposure outside of the NXT Universe. As successful as Ziggler has been throughout the past year, he has not faced someone as physically dominating as Langston since Langston played the role of bodyguard since his debut and Ziggler has yet to cross paths with Ryback. He faced Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger, two Superstars that are more well known for their submission skills and not their sheer strength, for most of 2013. And with Ziggler being as lean as he is, the possibility of a loss at SummerSlam is more probable.

For the past few weeks, WWE has also been implementing the simple game of cat and mouse in this storyline. For whatever reason, Langston rushes the ring to attack Ziggler only to be betrayed by his own lack of speed as Ziggler scurries away. The combination of Ziggler's stealthiness and Langston's inability to catch him and deliver a Big Ending on his former partner makes for great suspense.

WWE delivered arguably more than it should have this week on Raw when the two faced off, though the disqualification left the feud with very little resolution. Expect the physicality to gradually build up until the go-home episode of Raw. 

Langston, by participating in this match, is not only stepping away from Ziggler's shadow, but he can subsequently rise to the top of WWE's hierarchy with a win and be in line for one of the two top championship belts in the company. But given the way everyone is being pushed right now, he will need to wow the Los Angeles crowd come SummerSlam. Luckily for him, he is up against the best Superstar to sell any wrestling move.


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